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From: edu%"fordmd@*******"
Subject: Re: Armour Spells
Date: 29-FEB-1992 18:04
From: edu%"fordmd@*******" 29-FEB-1992 18:04
Subj: Re: Armour Spells

About armor spells. The target number according to (and how I always played)
the shadowrun gaming screen is four. This is due inpart because the subject is
willing so if it is
higher than four it is benificial but lower than four harmful. You have to
remember manipulation spells are the most powovful and evevything has some
natural resistance to it no matter how helpful the spell might be.
Just because this is now yo}r natural harmonic state.
* The central truth is that there are no central truths, it's all chaos and *
* we spend our lives figuring out how to deal with it. Some deny it, some *
* build structures to contain it or bridges to cross it. But until you look *
* into the abyss you don't know who you really are. *
* Me I just live in the Chaos. *
* --Wolfgang Kies-- *


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