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From: edu%"s85963@**"
Subject: Re: Astral Space
Date: 29-FEB-1992 22:08
From: edu%"s85963@**" 29-FEB-1992 22:08
Subj: Re: Astral Space

As far as having a mage in astral trash a party of Samurai. I got
one question for you. Are you using the Grimoire. If you are, refer to
page 62, column 2, Other Beings. The first paragraph states "Other living
things, that is, physical creatures who are not astrally active, are
visible and tangible on the etheric plane, but immune to Astral Combat.
They are obstacles, not Opponents" This is a direct quote compromising the
entire first paragraph.

If you do not use the Grimoire then refer to SR page 90, column 2,
Astral Combat, paragraph one. Here it says much the same thing. To quote
again. "Things that do not have an active astral presence cannot fight or
be hurt in any way in Astral Space."

Therefore there is no way for a astral mage to hurt non astrally
active characters, if you are playing according to the rules. If you're
not then you need to make up a few rules and guidlines to take care of
questions like this.

Hope this helps you out.

Brian D. Neumann


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