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From: uk%"ISTPNORTON@***"
Subject: this is what i was on about...
Date: 2-MAR-1992 10:16
From: uk%"ISTPNORTON@***" 2-MAR-1992 10:16
To: BARNHART <@************,@*********.bitnet>
Subj: this is what i was on about...

Bob writes:-0

> But then again, I have really morphed Shadowrun. I've combined it
> with Nightlife, cyberpunk, Gurps. You would recongnoze it, but it is
> several generations removed from what FASA is shoving at us.

But why do you think FASA is pushing such a game??? I've all ready read
in a previeous(ish) letter from this mail list how you can turn your fav.
AD&D character into a Shadowrun character!!! How bazaar. And one last
thing, why magik in stead of realistic psionics??

Sir Psycho Sexy


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