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From: uk%"ETMDMAPLE@***"
Subject: GM's as Players !!!!
Date: 2-MAR-1992 10:17
From: uk%"ETMDMAPLE@***" 2-MAR-1992 10:17
To: BARNHART <@************,@*********.bitnet>
Subj: GM's as Players !!!!

I'm about to start a new Shadowrun Campaign, with old players using
new characters. The last campaign ended up reasonablily high powered
(Vampires in the party, Initiate lvl 3 with ally, etc). Now the person
who was running that is now going to be a player in my campaign. I
like low powered gameing, so I set some ground rules like :-
No wired reflexs/cyber weapons unless you are a
combat based character.
Similary no Heavy Weapons.
He and the other players come out with well I've got 1,000,000 yen
I'll spend it how I'd like. I said well if you want to buy illegal
stuff then you'll have to pay extra, again the start to complain.
I have seen the people they want to play (nobody less than 2d6 on
their reaction roles, riggers with rotary autocannons, deckers with
wired reflex 3 !!!) and I know they will easily waste most of the
NPC's I have lined up. The problem is all these people know the rules
and see them as their rights. I don't want to increase the opposition
and turn the game into some exagerrated "hack 'n' shoot". So how would
you get round this problem.

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PS: Don't you just hate people that know the rules of the game ?


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