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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: BITNET%"VO728847@*****"
Subject: Re:ShadowRun
Date: 18-FEB-1992 10:40
From: BITNET%"VO728847@*****" 18-FEB-1992 10:40
To: JNET%"Barnhart@****"
Subj: Re:ShadowRun

The only answer to getting items that a runner needs is through
a Fixer. He/She should be able to get whatever you need, be it modifications
for a security systems, ammo for that gun that the city council ruled illegal
or a nice simple anii-tank gun that you wanted for Christmas, but Santa
didn't bring you.
But remember, as always chummer, things in the Shadows have a price
and they come cheap.

I'm looking for some colorful chracters to add to my game, not
just the regular contacts or cannon fodder, something to bring more life
back into my game...anyone care to help me out.


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