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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Subject: Shadowrun Campaign.
Date: 2-MAR-1992 18:31
From: MUTT::MATHENYD 2-MAR-1992 18:31
Subj: Shadowrun Campaign.

Here we go,
I am looking for a few good men(women, orc, trolls, dwarves, or even elves).
Yes, I want you! I am looking for 4 players. I need 1 mage(shaman, or
mage), 1 decker, and 2 other "people" The benefits are good, but the job
is not easy. There are a few guide lines though.

1) Priorities. You have 10 points for your priorities. You can spend then
however you like. (ex: 4 attributes, 4 magic, 1 skills, 1 tech, 0 race. 4
skills, 4 attributes, 2 tech, 0 race. or even 4 tech, 3 skills, 3 attributes.
any combination you like that addes up to 10)

2) Race. I am tired of how wimpy other races begin so I have also changed that
It is still a zero to be human although the others change a lot. If you have
a priority of 2 for any metahuman race you must have at least a mild reaction
to any allergy. If they have a priority of 1 then they must have a moderate
or greater reaction. If you have a priority of 3 then you only need to have
a nuisance for an allergy. I will of course alter anyones allergy if I feel
that they are taking advantage of the system!!

3) AutoFire. I have actually changed this part of the game a fair amount.
I took away the old rules that said if you wanted to fire 6 shots you rolled
the dice 6 different times. Now the rule is if you want to fire multiple
shots you still need all of the previous requirements(autofire gun, firearms
equal to or greater then the number of shots being fired). However, the effect
is very different. Option 1 you fire the number of shots equal to the stageing
of the weapon then you boost the damage catagory 1. (ex: Blaze is firing a H&K
227 which does 5M3, he shoots 3 shots bumping the damage up to a 5S3 attack.)
Option 2 if you fire multiple shots you can add these to the power level.
(ex: Blaze again shots three shoots with his H&K 227 doing 8M3 this time rather
then the 5M3 that it nomally does.) Yes, you can use these in any combination
(ex: Blaze shoots 4 shoots raiseing the damage of his H&K 227 from 5M3 to an
amazing 6S3!!) I basically did this to speed up the flow of things when people
played in person. However, I would like to hear anyones ideas on it!!

If anyone has any questions I would be glad to try to explain anything to you.
I would be willing to help anyone who wants to play. PLease write back to me
personally not via the list. I already have one member of this group. Please
reply to me as soon as possible.


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