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From: edu%"s85963@**"
Subject: RE: Assult Cannon and AVM's vs people
Date: 20-FEB-1992 12:03
From: edu%"s85963@**" 20-FEB-1992 12:03
Subj: RE: Assult Cannon and AVM's vs people

As far as the AVM being fired at people I would agree with you. The way
they are described indicates that they lock on to a target (hence the use
of the missles intellegence dice) before they are fired. The only time I
can remember seeing one used was against one almighty BIG troll armed with
a heavy machinegun. It was not a pretty site. There might be some way that
the missle could lock onto a person IF it was a heat seaker. Otherwise it
wouldn't even know when it had hit a person. In the game I am in the only
way an AVM is used against a person is when the Intellegence dice are ignored
and only the firer's dice are used in the success test.

For the Assult Cannon the only way to fire more than one shot is by using
a reactive trigger. To my knowledge a reactive trigger can be put on any
weapon to increase the rate of fire. If this is done with the Assult
Cannon then you would have to worry about the recoil a bit, but only if it
was being fired from the 'hip'. See if the assult cannon works a little bit
better now.
Brian D Neumann
Gettysburg College


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