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From: Snake Eyes snake.eyes@********
Subject: SRIII Companion: Ghouls with cyber-eyes
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 20:08:46 -0700
The SRIII Companion says that ghouls:

a. are Dual-Natured
b. have Astral Perception
c. suffer from the Blindness flaw
d. may obtain cyber-eyes to offset their crappy physical vision.

So, let's suppose I get those new eyes:

1. Do cyber-eyes affect the ghoul's ability to perceive astrally, and if
so, how?
2. Does the ghoul then take the 2-point or 6-point blindness flaw, or none
at all?
3. Must cybernetic vision magnification be of the optical variant, or does
it matter?
4. Does anybody have any other resources (online or hard-copy) for playing
a ghoul?


~ Snake Eyes


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