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From: Simon and Fiona sfuller@******
Subject: Transgender Role-playing (was Re: Sex In SR
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 17:28:29 +1100
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From: Andrew Gryphon <webmaster@*********.com>
To: shadowrn@*********.com <shadowrn@*********.com>
Date: Saturday, November 11, 2000 5:03 PM
Subject: Re: Transgender Role-playing (was Re: Sex In SR

>on 11/10/00 2:43 PM, Nexx at nexx@********.net e-scribed:
>> However, when I play female characters, I don't concentrate on the fact
>> they're female, and simply play the character. My style is very
>> immersive... I get into character to the point where I'm practically
>> method-acting... so I develop the personality and outlook of the
>> and then simply turn things over to her.
>I don't allow trans-gender PCs in my game. I know, I'm a fascist, but I've
>never met anyone who could play the opposite sex properly. Okay, one
>exception: a lesbian who played a rocker male very well--albeit
>occassionally annoying going on about real wood guitars....
I agree completely. As a teen I blew off my frustrations by playing the
megaslut warrior woman, but that's what D&D's for. As an adult, I have to
have very good reason for playing a female character, and I doubt I ever get
it totally right when I do. Basically I try for a lot like a man, but less
inclined to macho acts (and they're never megasluts any more). If I had a
dollar for every male player's character that was a gorgeous woman who was
also a nympho lesbian I've seen, I'd own the lot of you by now.
I did know a guy who played a mortal nun in a Vampire game very convincingly
though. It is possible.


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