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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Simon and Fiona sfuller@******
Subject: elf elp
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 16:34:29 +1100
Can somebody name me a member of the Council of Princes in Tir Tairngire who
might be involved in training troops in the Dominican Republic please?
If possible, I'd also like info on what dirt they might have that could be
used against them, and who on the council would want to use that dirt.
This is all for a campaign that I'm planning to do with the overthrow of
Haiti and the formation of an Ork homeland on Espaniola, but the plot is
woven all over the place, with the poor little runners not knowing what's
going on.
I have the Cyberpirates sourcebook (oh! what fun!), but not the Tir
Tairngire one.


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