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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Message no. 1
From: "Scott D. Peterson" <scpeters@****.EDU>
Subject: 100 Rounds plus...
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 1994 23:36:55 -0700
>>>>>Laurissa, Edge has found you some more Dillon 9mm x 25mm. I can be
ready for a drop in an hour. Beep me at *****ENCRYPTED CEREBUS***** and
we'll do it just like last time.<<<<<

--ParaGod <23:40:54/03-03-55>
Message no. 2
From: Eric Randolp Benson <fountain@******.UDEL.EDU>
Subject: Re: 100 Rounds plus...
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 1994 08:12:56 -0500
>>>>>[Hey ParaGod, thanks for finding the 9 mm x 25 mm ammo for me. I
think with what I had before and what you've gotten for me, I should be
set unless this supply problem continues for a really long time.

Just as a side note, a friend of mine just aquired a Ingram Smartgun
(still in the factory wrapper). He took it apart and it was really
shoddy construction. The machining looked like a drunk 2 year old and
some of the stampings were done off center. He tried it at the range and
couldn't get more than two or three rounds off at a time. Tried swapping
magazines, that helped a little, but every couple of rounds, the rough
finish on the bolt would catch on the inside of the receiver. Giving the
gun a really hard slap typically solved the problem, but also caused a
slam-fire. I knew Ingram's quality was rather low, but I didn't think it
was _that_ low. Almost makes him want to return the thing ... not that
he got receipt for it in the first place :)]<<<<<
-- Laurissa <08:12:19, 03-04-55>
Message no. 3
From: Necromancer <shilberg@********.UNI.UIUC.EDU>
Subject: Re: 100 Rounds plus...
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 1994 07:39:53 -0600
>>>>>[Hey, Ingrams aren't that bad. I have a friend with two of 'em and he
loves 'em. Of course, he's an elf, so ya never know.]<<<<<
- Necromancer <07:40:43/03-04-55>
Message no. 4
From: Timothy Skirvin <tskirvin@********.UNI.UIUC.EDU>
Subject: Re: 100 Rounds plus...
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 1994 07:47:32 -0600
>>>>>[Of course, he's also one of your friends too. So ya never know.

Me, I'll never use an Ingram. Oh well. I'll stick with what I've
- Solonus <07:46:59/03-04-55>


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