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Message no. 1
From: "Jason Carter, Nightstalker" <CARTER@***.EDU>
Subject: Re: 10 AM business transactions
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1993 13:25:52 -0700
>>>>>[ D. Henry: What type of novice sends corporate memos to Shadowland?
guess it's your type of novice. Who let this twit in here? ]<<<<<
-- Cerise <13:33:33/08-05-54>
Message no. 2
From: William Li <william@***.RICE.EDU>
Subject: 10 AM business transactions
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1993 09:09:44 -0500
>>>>>[Encrypt: Diane only

Diane- this is David Henry. Well this new encyrption better be okay. Make
sure that Davis kid never works again, if there is one thing I hate, its
some kid messing around with my memos. I liked your memo on the Trees, you
state my point eloquently. Sometimes I wonder why that Japanese guy aksed me
that question, oh well. Divest from the Stockholm group, they're piecing me
off and put the capital in that New York firm. That pistonhead Cooper is
checking me out again. Why doesn't UCAS chase criminals around like that
asphalt LaRonde? Anyway, if he starts bothering any of the board members
get them an order to have Cooper cease and desist. Yoshida has been looking
pretty firm, get me out of that risky wheat futures stuff and buy another
20,000 shares, that should do until we hire a new Chief Finacial Officer.
With whatever's left over, invest in that Sacremento steel company, that
will really get New Detroit's goat. Tell Ares that I don't give a shift
what the contract says about not taking documents, Tsechida left of his
own free will and didn't steal and company secrets. I need Tsechida for
Opticlash, he's no fragging greasemonkey and thats what these boys don't
seem to understand. I like the India lines I've seen. We'll go with that
for our East coast stims. How many more days until the end of August?
Holy mojave, I went to the Timberwolves training facility and played with
that kid, Mercer's toys, this stuff is smooth, get me his permanent record.
If he checks out, then have him come see me this afternoon or something,
I'll see if not a fork and if not then we got our genius. Have we hired
any thugs, er, security patrolmen to clean up my arena? I want them whacking
scum by Monday. That's all for now. D. Henry out.]<<<<<

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