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From: sjwelch@******.net (Becky Welch)
Subject: Re: 1 st draft.
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 96 14:25 MDT
*****PRIVATE: Apollyon
>>>>>[I filmed this about a week ago. Took me awhile to put it together. It
concerns Rosha's recent excursion to NYC.

This is the place they met before and after the extraction.

+++++[View of shop. A faded sign reads "Vertebrates n Stuff". A Taxi pulls
up. Two figures get out. One is a short human female, the other a short
human Hindi male(close-up). The Hindi points offscreen, grins, then pokes
the other, who laughs. They turn and enter the building.]

The Hindi is Rosha, the other I have identified as Evita.

+++++[Nice van pulls up. Swarthy human exits van. Does walk-around,
evidently checking things out. Apparently all is well, for he nods, then
ambles into the building.]

Don't know this one, do you want me to find out? He is evidently someone
they hired here. Note plates are NYC.

+++++[Taxi screams up, squeals brakes, tires smoke. Door opens, a large
human male exits. He turns, hollers some obscenity at the driver, then,
still yelling, pulls out some money and hands it to the guy. Shakes his fist
at the vehicle as it drives away. Still grumbling to himself, he stomps into
the building.]

Known as Ronin.

+++++[All four slowly exit the building. Swarthy guy looks around, checks
the van. Rosha and Evita are wearing janitor type outfits. Ronin is slick in a
business suit. Evita is juggling a small pistol from one hand to the other.
She looks nervous(closeup). Rosha smiles, obviously amused, then good-naturedly
pushes Evita toward the van.(close-up of Rosha). Evita turns and looks at
Ronin. Whistles appreciatively. Ronin remains stoney-faced, though an
obscure look of pain is visible in his eyes(closeup). Rosha rolls eyes, says
"Only wussies wear Armani," points to watch and gestures to the van. Ronin
pointedly ignores the comment. They all get in.]

Couldn't get footage on the theft of the Tidy Diaper van, sorry.

+++++[View of Tidy Diaper van. Ronin gets out of vehicle, pulls out an
unconscious human wearing janitor type clothing. He callously hefts the body
over his shoulder. Rosha(close-up) exits vehicle as well, walks to nearby
hotel and enters. Shortly afterward, the door opens and Ronin is beckoned
inside. He walks in, carrying body. A couple minutes later they exit the
building--without body. Rosha looks distinctly unhappy. Ronin accidentally
brushes against her when they go to enter the van. She overreacts, yelling
at him. (close-up of Rosha, volume adjusted) "...M'be little, but y'r blind.
Watch your steps, or one could be really very wrong." She lapses into
Spanish, "Eres un estupido y no tienes ni oros. !Hombre, dejame ya!" She
flounces into the van. Ronin remains outside for a moment, obviously trying
to keep a grip on his temper. Finally letting out the breath he was holding;
he unclenches his fists and climbs in van. Van drives off.]

Just a hunch, but I'd say she doesn't care for him, hmmmm? Check out the
magic in this next part.

+++++[View is of Tidy Diaper van pulling into parking garage. Van seems to
shimmer a moment, then the words "Shootfirst" appear on the side of the van
in steel gray, surrounded by the emblem--two HK227's. Van drives away.]

+++++[Van pulls into underground parking area, disappearing from view.]

I couldn't get any more of the inside footage than was already sent to you.

+++++[Same parking garage as earlier. Van pulls in. Transforms back to Tidy
Diaper. Ronin exits van looking slightly disheveled and pulls out a
briefcase. He carefully takes his weapon apart and packs it gently into his
briefcase. Evita gets out; looks him over and tugs his collar into place
while he drags a comb quickly through his hair. Evita mock salutes him, then
jumps into van. Rosha tosses Ronin a credstick and winks at him. "Nice
workin with ya. Call if y'hit any snags, m'there for ya." After watching it
pull away, Ronin turns and walks down the street. Just another corp exec
walking home from a busy day at the office.]

Ronin doesn't appear again. He may still be in NYC.

+++++[Same shop as before. Van pulls up. Evita gets out and pauses, her eyes
lose their focus, then she gestures for the others to come out. A young ork
girl scrambles out. She hunches over, clearly expecting a blow. A male dwarf
gets out(closeup), and gently puts his arm around the ork child. He
reassuringly guides her to the shop. Evita says something (volume adjusted
again). He answers, "I can't believe we didn't think of that, you're right,
we need to get her some clothes. I'll go, you stay here." (the voice sounds
female). Evita agrees. The dwarf gets into the van. Evita turns to the girl,
looks at her and says "You can trust us. Please relax, everything's going to
be all right. You must be hungry, come inside and we'll fix you something to
eat." They walk inside.]

Rosha appears to change her appearance frequently. She is evidently the male
dwarf. I don't know where she went, but since she returned with a package,
I'm assuming she purchased clothes.

+++++[Van drives up to shop. Rosha exits van, along with the swarthy guy.
Rosha calls out "Es los doce dias de navidad! Michelle, got your clothes!"
as she enters.

+++++[It is early the next morning. Evita exits the shop first and is almost
bowled over by two youngsters, one ork female(Michelle, closeup), the other
an African-American ork boy(closeup). The girl is now dressed in a cutesy
traveling outfit. The two boisterously run to the van followed by an amused
Evita and a frowning male. They climb into the vehicle and drive away.]

I regret I was unable to secure a seat on the same flight back.
I'll contact you when I have more information.]>>>>>
-- Cassandra <08:15:55/08-11-57>


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