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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: William Li <william@***.RICE.EDU>
Subject: 2:30 hirings
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1993 14:53:00 -0500
>>>>>[ENCRYPT:***MERCER ONLY 456***
The following is a legal record. This is an offical offer, filed under the
procedures required by UCAS law.

You're hired. Salary starts at 1 million =Y= a year, plus 1% of Opticlash
profits, Zeta Enterprises Group Health, Company car, New deck equipment,
free use of Zeta Enterprise Sim and Erotomagic facilities, you're pension
fund is 10K =Y= a month put into our annuity, and every year you are entitled
to differ that and put it in Zeta Enterprises stock.

You are required to share 50% of any patents you make with us. You are
required to register your thumb and retina print with out head of security.
Please meet me at the design lab on Monday, so I can introduce you to the
rest of the team. The only immediate design we are working on is the robots
for Opticlash game, we also need a better game design. I want creative
feedback on this, we want excitement, and violence, prefereably with
big explosions, I love big explosions.]<<<<<
-- D. Henry <2:29:30/8-6-54>

>>>>>[This is David Henry. I am pleased to annouce that we have taken
on Mercer as our new head of computing and design. Effective immediately he
will take over design and lead the production of our Opticlash project. Thank
you, other applicants.]<<<<<
-- D. Henry <2:30:00/8-6-54>

>>>>>[ENCRYPT: Diane ONLY **!@#**
Diane- This is David Henry. See to it, that Mr. Mercer has everything he
needs. We don't need another Yakamida incedent. Has the damn memo thing been
fixed yet? Some pistonhead is handing out the damn encryptions and its
cheezing me.]<<<<<
-- D. Henry <3:00:00/8-6-54>

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