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From: "Andrew W. Ragland" <RAGLAN54@***.BITNET>
Subject: 6th Moon
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1993 11:24:06 -0600
>>>>>[Catch-22, I always thought Renraku's G2 was slipshod, but now I know
for a fact. That, or they don't consider you to have a need-to-know on this
item, which puts you low on the totem pole. Initiate of the 6th Moon is far
beyond a Grade 6; this fellow is approaching the level required to try for
Child of the Abyss in the system I follow. You just now Initiated, for the
first time? And you're picking at a 6th Moon Initiate? Nice knowing you...
hope Raku has good funeral benefits...]<<<<<
-- Lotus Mage <11:16:37/06-05-54>

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