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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: William Li <william@***.RICE.EDU>
Subject: 9 AM business announcements
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1993 08:38:16 -0500
>>>>>[Jesus- You got yourself a deal on those choppers: 6 million for all
6 sparrows, 8.1 million for 9 short range dragons. It's a square up deal and
you know it. BTW, in the future, when my secretary pays you a compliment, don't
insult her by threatening to buy out Zeta Enterprises, I don't care how smart
you are or how much money you make as a fixer, _no one_ is rude to Diane. Now
then, about those bonds. The third issue is sold out and we've got all the
financing we need for the megarena. If you want in on the OptiClash action,
you have to be a sponsor.]<<<<<
-- D. Henry <9:00:01/8-19-54>

*****Encrypt: Mercer*****
>>>>>[Hey, do you think you can take some footage of the choppers in
Maybe get one of y'all to tape yourself on the remote control of it. It looks
real nice from what I've seen, design-wise.]<<<<<
-- D. Henry <9:00:10/8-19-54>

>>>>>[Notice: My boys in the legal department say that I have to inform
of the following, so here it goes.

As of 8-18-2054 all illegal squatters in the Seattle Warehouse commercial
air traffic zone, owned by David Osarius Henry (that's me) were served with
their eviction by the Seattle County Sheriff's department with the willing
cooperation of Zeta Enterprises private security. All pending claims to
easments and throughfares by the City of Seattle were o-ffically defaulted
to forfeiture as the 90 day common law notice period as expired.

That's right, you loafers, I got my land and you're going to stay off it. Get
a job. Actually, I'd hire y'all for manual labor in cleaning up the arena.
Well, maybe I'd hire one of y'all]<<<<<
-- D. Henry <9:00:15/8-19-54>

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