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Message no. 1
From: Brad Shantz <bshantz@****.COM>
Subject: Aardvark, Daisho, Nighthawk, Dark Angel, Shields
Date: Tue, 17 May 1994 12:03:40 PDT
>>>>>[Aardvark, Daisho, Nighthawk, Dark Angel, Shields, and whoever else I
happen to have forgotten, My Johnson has set up a meet in "Hell" at Dante's
Inferno in Downtown Seattle. Please get in touch with me ASAP. He wants to
meet at 18:00:00 this evening. If you can be there let me know. The run
will then take place tomorrow evening. At least, the "infiltration" part of
it will. We've got the Matrix cover we need. Thanks to my wonderful
fiance. I will check a few contacts of mine and get back to everybody on a
base plan after we meet with the Johnson.]<<<<<
-- Jasmine (12:00:00/5-17-55)

***** Private To: Shields
>>>>>[Shields, I know you're already on the case. Whether or not anyone
shows, we still need to info from Saeder-Krupp. Let me know what you get.
I'll keep my channels open. Just drop the MP in my deck.]<<<<<
-- Jasmine (12:01:00/5-17-55)
Message no. 2
From: Josh Walters <jwalters@********.EDU>
Subject: Re: Aardvark, Daisho, Nighthawk, Dark Angel, Shields
Date: Tue, 17 May 1994 13:26:10 -0700
***** Private To: Jasmine
>>>>>[I see no reason why I wouldn't be able to make it. Is there any
special information that you or your Mr. Johnson require?]<<<<<
Daish <12:25:43/05-17-55>

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