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From: Mike Goldberg <m_goldberg@**.COLORADO.EDU>
Subject: A Bad day in the Black Forest... (decently long)
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 1994 18:16:34 MST
>>>>>[ Well it doesn't seem to be a good week for the good folks
of this here node. I found this while digging around in Germany
for traces of what Hammer has been up. Sigh not a good week at

+++++ Start transmission.

The scene opens up with a picture of a 4 block by 4 block sealed
off area. There seems to be massive units deployed in there area.
The cars and personal mostly have the distinctive logo
Bundesgrenzschutz. You have a sinking feeling that most of the
people here are made up of GSG hit teams.

The camera slowly scans around the area. It stops on a
particularly interesting shot. There is Hammer and Commander
Drake, both loaded for massive combat, talking to apparently an
officer. You can immediately spot on Drake the obvious weapons.
He's carrying a hunting rifle slung around his back, a heavy
pistol and an Uzi and at least a few knives. He also has some
grenades on him. It's kind of hard to tell exactly what models
most of the guns are, because the picture is rather poor. Hammer
has his sword, as usual and a pistol. You would be highly
surprised if he _didn't_ have more weapons on him, but you cannot
pick them out. The officer is wearing nothing more than standard
operating gear of the GSG.

Hammer: So Captain, the target is definitely inside the area.
Captain: Correct. The first team that we sent in, has not
responded recently, which means I assume they have been
Drake: The criminal commits more crimes to hang himself with.
Very good. (Drake bares his fangs in a vicious grin)
Captain: We have just pinned down the trog. I'm afraid the locals
are going to think we are being really racist.
Hammer: It's not my job to keep PR good. That's your job, kleine.
It's mine to bag this international terror.
Captain (listens to the radio for a second, you can hear some
resentment in her voice): Sir, perhaps you would care to help out
the first team. They are losing badly to the this "Doomsday."
Hammer: Connect to the radio. We'll go in and bag us this terror
to our nation and other countries once and for all.
Captain whispers something in the radio. "Done."

Hammer nods to Drake, and they both break into a run.
Drake: We have 2 blocks 'til we intercept him.
Hammer: This is going exactly to plan. Let's not blow it this
Drake: _This_ time, he won't get away.
Hammer: Unless it is in a body bag!
The image shifts to a different location. You can see Doomsday
fighting off the remnants to the first squad. Doomsday apparently
had a gun at one point judging by the bodies lying around. There
are a lot of dead orks and trolls lying around, and you can also
see a decent amount of dead GSG (made up of mostly humans).
Doomsday lifts up a GSG body that is unconscious and brings the
man to by slapping him a few times.

Doomsday: Who sent ya?
GSG(in german): My name is Karl Lexton. I am a captain in the
Grenzshutzgruppen. My id number is 7763-234-2535.
Doomsday snarls, "In english pal."
Karl just repeats the phrase in German. Doomsday sighs. And
throws him into a wall, knocking the poor officer out again.

All through this short interrogation sequence you are impressed
by Doomsday sheer size. While not the tallest troll in the wall,
he is definitely built. And judging by how easily he flung the
human officer across the room, you would say that he knows how to
use his strength.

Doomsday muttering to himself, grabs a gun from a dead trolls
hand. You can tell he is less than happy. He starts heading to
the door, but stops. One of the GSG has grabbed his ankle.

Doomsday: Ya fragger. Leave me alone.

Doomsday, unemotionally brings down his foot on the guys hand.
You hear the load crunching of bones breaking. The GSG officer
screams in pain and then passes out.

Doomsday turns to head out the door and is tackled by a blur.
Seemingly without any thought, Doomsday rolls with the tackle,
and throws the tackler through a wall.

Drake steps in the room and snarls. "This time, I'll break you
like the insignificant twig."

Doomsday sighs. "I might have known dat ya would show up. Ya just
don't learn. Da more ya hunt me, da more I turn out to be a
recurring nightmare. Ya could ask Ganz about dat, if it wasn't
for da fact dat he is dead."

Drake (circling Doomsday slowly): Well, one way or another you
are going to pay for your crimes.

Doomsday: When are ya goin' ta pay for yours, fragger!?!

Drake snarls and charges. Outside you can see the person who was
thrown through the wall, rise to his feet. It's Hammer. He is
about to enter the room, but he hears a japenese voice say,
"Hammer -- I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Hammer turns around: I'm sorry I didn't realize anyone
intelligent was aiding this criminal.

Spectre steps out of the shadows: The only thing I'm going to aid
in is your death.

Spectre draws a katana. Hammer responds by drawing his. Hammer
immediately starts the fight with an impressive series of strikes
and counter-strikes. Unfortunately for Hammer, Spectre fights
back just as hard. You can already tell this is going to be a
good fight.
You can see the effects that Doomsday's punches are having on
Drake, by the amount of blood being drawn from them. By seeing
Doomsday's strength you are amazed that there isn't any broken
bones on Drake. When Drake finally manages to score a hit on
Doomsday that has a decent amount of effect you realize that
Drake _HAS_ to have either augmented strength or bones. Because
otherwise, you have a sinking feeling that Doomsday wouldn't have
felt it and started bleeding from the shot.

Doomsday: Packin' a bigger punch dan last time. Guess breakin'
your back is out of da question.

Drake smiles as he manages to catch Doomsday and head-crushing
grip. It doesn't look good for Doomsday, as Drake manages to use
that grip to lower Doomsday to the floor.
Spectre groans from the power of the blows from Hammer. You can
easily tell that Hammer's one advantage over Spectre is Hammer's
size. Spectre just doesn't have the bulk to prevent Hammer from
driving him back.

Hammer slams his sword into Spectre's katana and shoulders
Spectre into a steel column. You can hear the crack as Spectre
hits the pole solidly. Spectre winces. In a blur, Hammer strikes,
stabbing him in the stomach. Spectre's eyes are wide in fear and
pain. Hammer senses his impending victory and starts twisting his
sword. Spectre, with blood showing through his ninja mask, snarls
and slams down his katana on the sword. In a stunning display of
sparks Hammer's sword breaks. You guess that only happens when a
weapon focus is destroyed. But then again, it is rare when you
see a sword break.

Hammer curses.
Doomsday slowly reaches up, and manages to grab the back of
Drake's jacket and throws him off. (and incidently partially
through a wall). Drake wearily shakes himself off and steps back
into the room: You'll have to do better than that.

Doomsday stands up. And glares at Drake. "Don't worry I will. But
if I was ya, I would cut your losses now and run."
Hammer brings his knee up, driving what remains of sword in
Spectre deeper. Spectre grunts, fighting off passing out. While
Spectre is focusing on keeping consciousness, Hammer smoothly
disarms him. And wields Spectre's katana.

Hammer: Nice try Specter. And nice katana. Prepare to die.
Spectre: Someone will avenge me.

A feminine voice calls out, "Yup. Someone will. ME!" Hammer is
engulfed in flames, as a 5'10'' gorgieous red-headed female human
steps out.

Hammer: FireWraith you slitch. This time it will be no mere
punishment. This time you'll die.

With extreme prejudice Hammer slices Spectre's jugular. Spectre
crumbles to the ground. Hammer turns towards FireWraith. He
slashes at her, and catches her in the upper arm. She screams in
pain, and uses his momentum to throw Hammer back into the other
room. She then disappears into thin air.

As Hammer (who is still on fire flies through the wall), Doomsday
was circling Drake to re-engage in combat with him. Seeing
Hammer, Doomsday snarls, "I should've known dat ya would be here

Doomsday throws a vicious punch at Hammer that is barely blocked.
(it was aimed at his head, but instead hits Hammer in his left
forearm. Shattering it).

Hammer yelps in pain, and crumbles to the ground. He looks up
with tears streaming down his face from the pain: I'll make you
pay for that Doomsday.

Drake seeing his advantage lunges toward Doomsday, only to have
himself engulfed in flames along with Hammer.

You can distinctly hear FireWraith call out: Doomsday RUN FOR IT!

Doomsday dodges his flaming would-be tackler and runs out. You
make a quick mental note not to underestimate a trolls running
speed ever again.

Drake curses, and plucks a grenade off his belt and slams it
down. Foam goes everywhere. "You were right Hammer. She would
have to show up. The slitch." Into radio he snarls: "Target is
running. Looks like heading for west side. Might be a female with
him. I want both of them. Need medical attention to come in for
Hammer. Keep me posted on his progress."

With that Drake gets up (still covered with foam) and starts
running after Doomsday.
Doomsday is running hard, he skids around a corner only to find a
barricade of GSG cars. They seeing him, open fire on him.
Doomsday screams "Frag!" as he dives for cover. You figure by his
flinching that he got hit by at least 2 bullets in his upper
body. FireWraith appears behind Doomsday.

FW: Doomsday, go through the sewers and head in the opposite
direction that you were running. Go five blocks down there and
then come out. There is a ride for you there. Good luck.

She disappears. Doomsday snarls and slams his hands into the
concrete around the sewer covering. With a tug he pulls the cover
off. He mutters, "Frag that hurt. Gotta find a better way to do
dat." He peeks around the corner with the cover still in his
hand. Seeing a guy on a radio he throws it at him. It catches him
right in the face. The guy, to say the least, drops hard. With
that, he runs into the sewers.
Drake running, puts a hand up to his ear, to hold his earpiece
in. He winces as he comes around the corner. He curses, "Damn. He
went to that side instead of this one." Without breaking stride
he runs out of the area, and steps right over the guy who ate the
sewer cover and yells, "WE GOT A MOLE. GET UNITS DOWN THERE AT
He watches as people start running around. And sits in the
passenger seat of a car.

A few minutes pass. Some shouts, "We spotted the trog. Surfaced 3
blocks south. He is fighting some ork."
Drake: If you know the co-ords, get in this car and drive me
there, NOW!

The person grins, and runs up to the car. Very quickly he starts
the car, and in his haste to get there almost runs over his down
comrade and the medical team that was just getting ready to send
the comrade to a nearby hospital.
Doomsday snarls: Why me!?!
The thing that he is fighting, in german says: You will make a
good meal.
The thing shows its fangs. Unlike Drake's these are the real
things. It looks like an Ork Nosferatu. You can notice the fear
in Doomsday's eyes. He is desperately looking for an exit. And
starts running toward and alley way. You can hear the screeching
of a car taking corners far too fast. The Nosferatu closes in.
You note with terror that the alley is a dead-end.

Around the corner the car comes barrelling. Seeing Doomsday enter
it, the car fishtail to try and enter the alley-way. The
Nosferatu gets broadsided by the car. It's head smashes against
Drake's window but doesn't break it. The ork is sent flying.
The driver quickly regains control and steps on the gas. Doomsday
runs to the end of the alley-way and realizes his predicament. He
just starts to climb onto the dumpster at the end of the alley
when the car slams into the dumpster and Doomsday's legs. You can
see the pain in Doomsday's face as he slams through the dumpster
into the concrete wall. Apparently he is made of something
tougher than the dumpster but not the wall. Doomsday falls onto
the car's hood. The driver immediately backs up fast. You can see
Drake grinning (baring his fangs) in the passenger seat.

Somehow, Doomsday manages to hang onto the hood. The driver
seeing this slams on the breaks again. Doomsday rolls forward
into the windshield. Doomsday turns around and punches the
windshield. Seeing the effects of the punch, you can tell that
the armor-glass they used on the windshield isn't going to hold
up to Doomsday's strength. The driver panics and starts to reach
down. Drake shouts something in German, and checks his seatbelt.
The driver with pure terror in his face hits the gas again as
Doomsday breaks through the windshield. Doomsday then starts to
reach toward the driver, but is interupted by the car hitting the
far wall again. This sends Doomsday flying again into the wall.
The driver, who didn't have his seatbelt on, succeeds on eating
the steering wheel. Drake, only watching Doomsday, grins. Slowly
he gets out of the car. Holding his neck he walks up to Doomsday,
who is pathetically trying to move away from Drake, and ends up
falling from on the car's very ruined hood, to the ground. Drake
walks around calmly and picks Doomsday's head up. He then grins
wickedly making sure to show all his fangs.

Drake: Guess you lost Doomsday.

All Doomsday can do is look at Drake. Doomsday slowly raises a
bloody hand and grabs Drake's jacket.

Drake: With the greatest of pleasures. I place you under arrest.

Drake punches him in the right ear. And Doomsday hits the ground.

+++++ Transmission ends.

I won't bore you with the clean up. There were a lot of bodies to
clean up. As far as I can tell I think Interpol ended up with
Doomsday, but that is hard to say. Hammer was in a hospital and
has since been treated and released. Same with Drake.

As I said earlier, things are definitely not good. Crashkit,
Vorien -- any luck connecting with DragonEyes?? Blitzkrieg, lad
are you out there?? Where can we find you to help out?

Hmmm.... Something is up in this system. I gotta skate and check
it out. ]<<<<<
-- Scourge <20:20:34/9-24-55>

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