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From: Erik S Jameson <esj@***.UUG.ARIZONA.EDU>
Subject: Abandon hope all ye who enter (K-E raid)
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 1994 16:48:53 -0700
>>>>>[Jesus fraggin' Christ. I think this damn file might be cursed or
something. I was in the middle of downloading it, when the fraggin'
local server hub crashed down on my damn head. This fraggin' thing is
just pissin' me off. But I think it is important that people read this.
This file contains the radio transmissions of the Knight-Errant raid on
the North American Chapterhouse. Blast this fraggin' lag! I though they
got rid of lag back before the crash. In any case, here's the file.


OMEGA BLUE: Astral team reports they are 10-97

C&C: 10-4.

C&C: All units at start point.

ALPHA BLUE: Affirmative

BETA BLUE: Affirmative

DELTA BLUE: Affirmative

SUPPORT: Affirmative. Rockets are aimed and ready. 10-23.

C&C: Stage green go. Good luck.

ALPHA BLUE: And may God be with you. Channel is 10-33, Alpha is 10-49

C&C: Rockets away.

SUPPORT: Rockets are away.

+++++you can hear the muffled roar of the exploding rockets through
someone's open mic. Then you hear the distinctive sounds of what must be
super-machine guns firing on full auto, and the occassional dull whump of
a grenade. There are screams, muffled by something, but still screams.
Most of them are clearly inhuman, but some, too many, are obviously those
of the soldiers.+++++

ALPHA GRAY: Sir, chem-sniffers are picking up elevated levels of PVMH
and C-6.

ALPHA BLUE: Copy. I'll 10-5---

+++++suddenly you hear an explosion, and it threatens to blow out the
speakers in your playback unit. Hidden in the roar you can make out
screams, human screams.+++++

C&C: Second Team alert advance. Third Team alert advance. Explosive
trap warning in effect. Repeat, Second Team alert advance. Third Team
alert advance. Explosive warning in effect.

BETA BLUE: Copy charlie. Beta is 10-49.

DELTA BLUE: Copy. Delta is 10-49.

+++++you hear again the sound of super-machine guns, firing on full

BETA BLUE: Encountering increased resistance. Requesting additional

SUPPORT: 10-23 Beta.

BETA GREEN: 10-18 those rockets Support!

SUPPORT: Rockets aimed and ready.

C&C: Rockets away.

+++++another series of explosions fill the background. This time,
though, they are louder, or perhaps closer+++++

DELTA BLACK: Blue, charges one and two are set.

DELTA WHITE: Blue, charges three and four are set.

DELTA BLUE: Confirming charges are set. Prepare for blast.

C&C: Demolition charge one firing.

+++++again, the roar of explosions. There is a single scream, or perhaps
thousands at once, like a piece of stell being...ripped+++++

BETA GREEN: Sweet Jesus!

DELTA BLACK: Holy Mary Mother of God!!

BETA BLUE: Maintain channel security!! 10-33!!

C&C: All units, we are under break out situation. Repeat, break out
situation. Initiate Plan Centerpoint. Repeat, initiate Centerpoint. All
commands signal acknowledgement.

BETA BLUE: Affrimative. Fall back!!

DELTA BLUE: Affirmative, 10-87 Lighthouse. Repeat, 10-87 Lighthouse stat!

+++++the signal has begun to break up. You are no longer able to
distinguish between units, and all that can be heard are screams of pain
and weeping. Voices can be heard through the static, requesting back-up
and trying to find out where people are. The only other thing that can
be heard clearly before the signal dissolves into static is the word


Fraggin' computer wasted about five hours trying to decrypt static. But
that is about it. T-Punt managed to send this to me before he got
killed, may he rest in peace. I hope everyone out there hooks this up to
full audio, becasue if you just read the transcript, it really loses the
emotinal tones. But that's it for me. Now I have to go hide from
Kineght-Errant again...]<<<<<
--Rhino Chaser<16:51:16/11-15-55>

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