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Message no. 1
From: "David J. Altman" <khanx@******.COM>
Subject: A Battle Lost
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 16:15:55 PST
>>>>>[Well I have just come out of a 48 hour interrogation/trial/review by
the Examiners. Due to certain evidence that was sent to the Examiners I am
currently disqualified from the Prime Candidacy, my Patent of Influence has
been reduced (and that only because my "tip" to Interpol was proven to have
been accurate). In addition, to my own losses -- Tir Tairngire and the Corp
Court are again in a diplomaticly tense situation (though not as a result of
my personal actions). Moreover, the various pieces on information have set
me back. Due to a supreme effort on my staff's part, I barely got hurt in
terms of personal power, wealth, or prestige, but of course, I am denied
any advancement for the time being.

I shall make this a matter of public record now. Wyrm is not dead. No spec-
ualtion. Moreover, his counterattack was successful enough to have neutralized
my gains of the previous months. I commend you Wyrm (or whatever identity you
go by now). Let our emnity be at an end. We are at loggerheads no more (at
least on this issue). Contact me here to arrange a meeting for a chat --- we
have things to discuss.

You knew about my sister and didn't inform me. Do you know what trouble she
could cause if she were discovered ????***

As for all those of you thinking in glee of my turmoil . . . I state again: I
seek to do good. And I am not finished yet.]<<<<<
-- Prince Solarial (

Message no. 2
From: The Wyrm Ouroboros <mehaffhm@******.SAN.UC.EDU>
Subject: Re: A Battle Lost
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1993 06:32:31 -0500
>>>>>[My Lord Prince Linaus Solarial:

It is my duty, as I see it, to inform you of certain misinformation that
you appear to believe. No, the individual 'Wyrm' is not the person or
persons who transmitted the knowledge received by the Examiners; perhaps
the occasion of his death triggered the release of the information, but
on 11-1-54 a datapacket was received by the Examiners from the Third
Bank of Manhatten. This packet was received, electronically sealed,
and witnessed personally by the Vice President in charge of electronic
security shortly after the events of the trial of the now-deceased Dr.
A. Jackson.

These seals were not broken, and Mr. Tordino, the aforementioned Vice
President, was called as witness for the validity of the 'print' on

Two similar packages, these fully physical, arrived via Brinks Armored
Services on 11-5-54. The seals on those packages were inspected, and
the appropriate institutions -- Lloyd's of London and the Banque Suisse
Geneva -- were requested to send the sealing officials as witness for
the validity of each respective seal.

Both packages were sealed within hours of each other, one in London, the
other in Geneva. The date on each seal coincided by eight days of a
covered-up breakin at a NAN intelligence agency several months ago.

All three insitutions recorded the request to send their respective
information packages to the Examiners within .0002 seconds of each other
at the end of October -- a time/date estimated to be shortly after the
death of 'Wyrm'.

Ghosts are recorded phenomenon, Lord Solariel. But never within the
-- M. Guissard, Representative, TT Examiners (6:30:00/12-2-54)

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