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Message no. 1
From: Justin Fang <justinf@****.CALTECH.EDU>
Subject: Abbadon
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 09:21:22 -0700
>>>>>[Abbadon asks why children are valued. That he does not see is
symptomatic of the fundamental flaws in his worldview. I do not expect him
to understand this, either; but perhaps my explanation will help someone

Children are potential; they are the resources of the future. To wantonly
destroy potential the way Abbadon does is criminally stupid; if a CEO
squndered capital that way the shareholders would revolt.

Abbadon and his ilk cannot intellectually handle all the wonderous
complexity of the real world; their worldviews are innately incapable of
doing so. To function at all they need to contruct a simple, mentally
unchallenging fantasy world, bleach the rainbow colors of reality into drab
grays, seperate the grays into pure black and white.

What he fails to comprehend, what his kind have always failed to comprehend,
is that in diversity there is strength. An inbred species is headed for
extinction; only genetic diversity will give it the reserves necessary to
adapt to changing conditions. An ecossytem needs a wide range of species to
be healthy. So, too, do societies need a wide variety of ideas--high
memetic diverity--to survive. Ideological and genetic monocultures are
fragile; systems where genes and memes are free to mix and recombine are
strong and vital.

Abbadon seeks purity, but will find only stagnation. His paradigm cannot
survive competition with paradigms not crippled by fear-of-difference and
fear-of-change. He would be pitiful in his incapacity, were he not so
dangerous. He will fail, and he will fall, as did the Soviets and the
Nazis before him.]<<<<<
-- Cassandra <08:51:37/04-18-59>

>>>>>[The metas are the bastard spawn of Cain and Lilith, cursed by God and
forever cast out from His light! They are soulless abominations that bear
the mark of their master, Satan! They must be destroyed by the Cleansing
-- PureBlood <09:14:41/04-18-59>

>>>>>[You see? Textbook case of terminal ideolological
-- Cassandra <09:17:27/04-18-59>
Message no. 2
From: Avenger <Avenger@*******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 21:53:53 +0100
>>>>>[In breeding has been a symptom of many parts of the old US. I do
not accept, nor agree with your comments regarding genetic
crossbreeding. As has been proved in nearly 50 years of study, the
metahuman genetics are dominant in all but the rarest of instances of
cross fertilisation of species, that is not genetic variation, that is
encouragement to domination. The metahumans would not even exist were
it not for the presence of arcane powers in this world. You were not
here over the last few thousand years. You expressed as a result of
magical influence, that does not make you "natural" creatures. What
will become of the metahumans if magic was to leave the world. They
would fade and die, reduced to nothing again. You cannot claim that
metahumans have a right to live unless you can prove incontrovertibly
that they can exist without magic.

The children of yesterday are the abominations and corruption of today.
That is a simple fact. Those who would educate the children of today
are those who have condoned and created this corrupt and sickened world
that we live in. The destruction of metahumanity from cradle to grave
is the only way to ensure the continuation of the human species.
Without that extermination, humanity is doomed.

That is not simple rambling, it is scientifically proven fact.]<<<<<
-- Abbadon <21:53:09/04-18-59>
Message no. 3
From: Jeffrey Mach <mach@****.CALTECH.EDU>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 20:46:18 -0700
>>>>>[Holy Cow.... So the metas are spawn of Cain and _Lilith_?

Given the numbers of, she must really be BUSY!

And Lynch, didja know she was rolling in the hay behind your back with
this Cain fella?]<<<<<
-- Jungle Jim <20:46:55:04-18-59 PDT>
Message no. 4
From: Justin Fang <justinf@****.CALTECH.EDU>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 15:16:23 -0700
>>>>>[Abbadon's definition of "scientifically proven fact" is
different from mine.

The reason the different varieties of human are interfertile is because we
all have the *same genes*. The genetic variation between individuals is
much much greater than the variation between metatypes. If you are, say, a
"baseline" human, and your sibling is an ork, then there will be *far* more
genetic similarity between you than either of you would have with another
random member of the same metatype. In fact, you will have exactly the same
degree of genetic similarity with them as you would with a "baseline" human

Humans are a polymorphic species; this means that a particular set of
chromosomes may express differently depending on the conditions it
encounters during development. There are cases on record of identical twins
where the twins were of different metatypes. What metatype you are depends
on the enviromental conditions you encounter during development, including,
in some way we do not yet fully understand, the mana level. Think of it as
a compression scheme enabling several physical body types to be specified
with a single genome.

IOW: Abbadon, if things had gone slightly differently during your mother's
pregnancy, *you* might now be one of the metahumans you so despise.]<<<<<
-- Cassandra <14:53:26/04-20-59>
Message no. 5
From: Jaimie Nicholson <jaimie.nicholson@********.OTAGO.AC.NZ>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 12:44:08 +1200
>>>>>[Would you stop trying to reason with Abaddon please? Logic is not
something s/he appears to care about. Punishing the many for the crimes of
the few, lumping orks, trolls and elves together while excluding dwarves,
attacking the citizens of Seattle to get to Lynch... logic? No. So how do
you persuade someone who doesn't listen to logic? You can't. So give up
already, you're wasting bandwidth.]<<<<<
-- ThunderStone <18:34:05/04-20-59>
Message no. 6
From: Avenger <Avenger@*******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 01:08:29 +0100
>>>>>[Your comments are indisputable Cassandra, and it is refreshing to
see you admit and strengthen the claims that most cross type
fertilisation results in metahuman offspring. By the current rate of
birth, human kind will be extinct before the end of the century.
Something that many are only now beginning to understand. Extinction of
species as a result of arcana and genetic obscenities is not a pleasant
concept. So, it boils down to the simple fact of them or us.
Metahumans are always so quick to defend themselves and whine endlessly
about persecution, but I notice how they go /very/ quiet when it comes
to the future of mankind. Our scientific facts are no different, you
just missed two fundamental points, no biggie.

Oh, and no Cassandra, I wouldn't be a metahuman now. I would have
returned to the circle of life waiting for my next turn.]<<<<<
-- Abbadon <01:08:33/04-21-59>
Message no. 7
From: Justin Fang <justinf@****.CALTECH.EDU>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 18:52:56 -0700
>>>>>[Thunderstone: I'm not trying to convince Abbadon; I knew from the
start that was impossible. I'm pointing out the deep flaws in his worldview
partly for my own amusement, and partly because there might possibly be some
undecideds out there who could be swayed.

In any case, Abbadon's actions are not only massively destructive and
counter-productive, but totally irrelevent to his professed goal, which is
not surprising considering the complete and utter lack of strategic thinking
he has displayed. He might as well bomb the river to stop the rain.

Humanity, as Abbadon defines it, *will* cease to exist. Not because it will
be outbred by metahumans (which, as I have pointed out, is already a
contradiction in terms since there *is no significant difference* between
them), but because humans will choose to change themselves. It is already
possible, if you are very rich and willing to agree to a few gigapulses of
legalese, to engineer certain traits and predispositions into your
children--mainly relatively simple physical things, such as eye color or
height or vulnerability to heart disease. The technology will only grow
more powerful, cheaper, and more widespread. Eventually I expect to see a
stunningly vast variety of humans--perhaps humans adapted to living
underwater, of in the vacuum of space, or on alien planets.

In the longer run, we may leave behind frail and obsolete flesh for
near-indestructible minds of silicon and the infinite possibilities offered
by virtual universes. By then the fears of racists like Abbadon will seem
as quaint and bizzare as those of the ancients who feared that the sun would
not rise if not appeased by human sacrifice.]<<<<<
-- Cassandra <18:09:10/04-20-59>
Message no. 8
From: Anthony G Guillotte <gguillotte@****.COM>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 17:06:11 EDT
>>>>>[Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.]<<<<<
-- Du'pree <16:03:43/04-21-59>
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Message no. 9
From: Avenger <Avenger@*******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 00:35:29 +0100
>>>>>[Such a defeatist mentality Thunderstone - is it hardly any wonder
then that your type are reduced to the most menial tasks in life?]<<<<<
-- Abbadon <00:35:11/04-22-59>
Message no. 10
From: Avenger <Avenger@*******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 00:38:49 +0100
>>>>>[But Cassandra - the sun will not rise unless humans are sacrificed
- or have you missed the last millenia?

Humans are sacrificed every day - which is why the sun rises. Why do
you think metahumans have naturally augmented sight? Because on the day
that no humans live, there will be a darkness cast on this planet that
will last for the rest of eternity. Death to all humans - bring on the
-- Ny <00:38:12/04-22-59>
Message no. 11
From: Jaimie Nicholson <jaimie.nicholson@********.OTAGO.AC.NZ>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 12:27:00 +1200
>>>>>[Sounds like you're actively trying to piss me off, Abbaddon (sp?
I can never remember how many B's and D's to give it, but I can't be
bothered checking). Why would you do that? Oh, that's right, I forgot for a
moment - logical reasons take no part in your mental processes.]<<<<<
-- ThunderStone <18:24:01/04-21-59>
Message no. 12
From: Avenger <Avenger@*******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 04:45:56 +0100
>>>>>[I'm not trying to piss you off Thunderstone - I mean, it's not as
if that would achieve anything, is it? Oh, and it's double b, single d.
Not that hard to remember really.]<<<<<
-- Abbadon <04:45:11/04-22-59>
Message no. 13
From: "Paul J. Adam" <shadowtk@********.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Abbadon
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 10:44:22 +0100
*****PRIVATE: Abbadon
>>>>>[You got your wish.

I suggest you end it, now.]<<<<<
-- D J H Coppinger <10:44:23/04-25-59>
Message no. 14
From: Avenger <Avenger@*******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 13:48:55 +0100
*****PRIVATE: D. J. H. Coppinger
>>>>>[Nothing without proof. Irrefutable proof. A bogus news report
means diddly. A submarine fired a missile at an aircraft allegedly
flown by his royal highness? I don't think so.

Pull the other one big guy, I don't swallow this contrived bullshit.

You have 8 hours remaining, after which this and every other stinking
city in this god-forsaken country burns.]<<<<<
-- Abbadon <13:47:12/04-25-59>
Message no. 15
From: "Paul J. Adam" <shadowtk@********.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 15:16:01 +0100
*****PRIVATE: Abbadon
>>>>>[Oh, you frighten us so much, Abbadon. One weak man with some
tinker toys, too cowardly to do his own killing, and he expects the
world to shake at his feet.

What proof would you accept? Lynch's body is at Sister Angela's Memorial
Hospital, Dover, Delaware, where the Navy flew it. If you wish to
inspect it, then you are quite welcome to do so. I'm told it's not in a
very good condition, between the crash, thirty-eight minutes in the
water, and then the vigour of the attempts at resuscitation: I believe
the medical term is "heroic methods". It should be adequately
convincing. You're even welcome to a tissue sample, assuming you have
anything to compare it to.

Lynch is dead. That is fact. I intend to accelerate _your_ death, and
the collapse of your little organisation, by all means at my power. That
is also fact.

Deal with those realities as you will.]<<<<<
-- D J H Coppinger <15:15:34/04-25-59>
Strategic Intelligence Gathering Agency
Message no. 16
From: Avenger <Avenger@*******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 18:44:44 +0100
*****PRIVATE: Shaitan
>>>>>[Lynch is dead. I do not know how, or who or when, but he is dead.
According to the fathead smartarse dickweed in charge of SIGA.

The body allegedly is at Sister Angela's Memorial Hospital, Dover,
Delaware. You may want to have our operatives check it out - possibly
even acquire the body for conclusive testing - to make sure we are not
being fooled. There is less than five hours left to prevent Bacchus
from executing his programming - we do not have the luxury of
-- Abbadon <18:38:22/04-25-59>

*****PRIVATE: D J H Coppinger
>>>>>[The body would be fine - would you be so kind as to post it
Express please? Thankyou.

You do not scare me Coppinger. Do you know why? Because you are a weak
organisation caught amidst the corruption of higher officials. If I so
choose it to be, there would be nothing you could do to touch me. As it
is, until I am convinced that the body is Lynch, and that you are not
trying one of your tricks with a double or substituted form, the
campaign continues. If I find that sufficient evidence is present, then
it stops, what I want having been achieved.

However, there is nobody that has approached me, my representatives, nor
the holder of the payment to claim it - so, whomever did the deed, was
not on my payroll. Look to your own before you cast blindly about you.
After all Mr. Coppinger, we both know how you started in this business,
and what SIGA used to be...

Maybe a return to the old ways would not be so strange after all.
Corruption has that habit, it infiltrates slowly, inexorably, without
warning or consideration. No Mr. Coppinger, 'tis not I who you should
be threatening, but the traitor within your own ranks who fed the flight
plan to another. Unless of course, this is one of your pathetic little
-- Abbadon <18:44:12/04-25-59>
Message no. 17
From: "Paul J. Adam" <shadowtk@********.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 20:02:30 +0100
*****PRIVATE: Abbadon
>>>>>[I don't frighten you, Abbadon? Then I'm disappointed to see you
confirmed as a fool. But, no matter: we knew you were arrogant, and I
had some hopes as to your intelligence, but it seems you subsist on mere

You point to corruption inside the UCAS Government? Why, thank you,
Abbadon, we would never have noticed that such existed without your
sagacious advice.

I have told you where to find Lynch's body. How you confirm the facts
are your problem, not mine.

Your credibility approaches zero as it is: I would suggest you avoid
forcing it all the way down to that sad digit.]<<<<<
-- D J H Coppinger <19:58:46/04-25-59>
Strategic Intelligence Gathering Agency
Message no. 18
From: Avenger <Avenger@*******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 20:52:29 +0100
*****PRIVATE: D J H Coppinger
>>>>>[No quite frankly you don't. And I'm pleased to have pointed out
to you something that exists beneath your very nose, that you are too
short sighted to have seen, see, even us so called terrorists have our
civic minded duties to perform. Maybe now you can clean out that den of
iniquity you call an organisation. Have fun, and don't forget to check
your own ass, it looks like something crawled in there and died.]<<<<<
-- Abbadon <20:52:39/04-25-59>
Message no. 19
From: "Paul J. Adam" <shadowtk@********.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 22:03:55 +0100
*****PRIVATE: Abbadon
>>>>>[Please, you just made my disappointment crushing. You honestly
think you're anything special? Massacring hundreds of unarmed civilians,
in an open and free society, is _easy_. Any fool can do it, you're proof
of that. So you have more money than most so far? A mere detail.

And you will "set every city afire" in order to secure the death of a
man already dead? Yes, this shows your wit and intelligence. Or, merely,
that you are a liar, who has set in motion actions that he cannot
reverse, and now needs to hide his lies.

"Den of iniquity." This from a man whose hirelings rape and murder small
children. Fascinating. And the obligatory homoerotic references, of
course, perhaps as a counterweight to your sexual obsession with Elven

You stand on poor ground for lectures in morality, Abbadon.]<<<<<
-- D J H Coppinger <22:00:43/04-25-59>
Strategic Intelligence Gathering Agency
Message no. 20
From: Avenger <Avenger@*******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 00:40:53 +0100
*****PRIVATE: D J H Coppinger
>>>>>[Yes, I consider myself special, don't you? If not, why not, and
why pay so much attention to me? Oh yes, your civic sense of duty, the
upholdance of the law, protect the innocent and all that guff. HAh!
Utter bull. You care as much about the people walking the streets as
any corporate affiliate. Do you seriously imagine that I would believe
you care about an individual more than your profit margin? And don't
come hte supercilious federal supervisor bull. You have targets and
achievements to attend to just as any other lesser executive.

I will set the cities alight for a different purpose than to secure a
death, that death, if and when confirmed would have saved those cities.
You and your people are not being particularly co-operative about
proving things, which leads me to suspect a cover up, something slime
like you are particularly good at. You underestimate Coppinger, and
that is disappointing, something your pet assassin would never have

So, my hirelings are murderers, and in some cases rapists, the only
difference is that my hirelings are honest. They believe in something
and act. Your people, from what I have seen are the same - except they
murder for a wage. Have you achieved this year's body count yet, or are
their still some to go? Don't fence with me Coppinger. You and your
organisation are no different from me and mine. Oh, except that you
have a badge. Yes, that is a fundamental difference isn't it. That
means you and your agents can hire Shadowrunners to kill, maim, murder
and torture "legally". All of my operatives are illegal; they don't
have a badge do they.

So holier than thou, yet you are steeped in the same bucket of shit that
I must exist in. The badge does not make murder, torture and
assassination legal Coppinger, it just gives you a means to cover it up.
Or do you deny the hiring of Shadowrunners - people wanted by the law
for theft, grand larceny, murder... Easy to preach when you close your
eyes to the truth isn't it.]<<<<<
-- Abbadon <00:40:12/04-26-59>
Message no. 21
From: "Paul J. Adam" <shadowtk@********.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 01:16:07 +0100
*****PRIVATE: Abbadon
>>>>>[My, how you rant, little demon. Milton's devil knew the value of
brevity. You, as you repeatedly show, know little, and it seems
pointless to educate you: better to let you wallow in your smug folly.

Why should we co-operate, Abbadon? I have told you where you may verify
the fact. If you, the vaunted, the mighty, the omnipotent Abbadon - he
who can set cities afire with a wave of his hand - cannot confirm one
man's death, then what _can_ you confirm?

I grossly overrated your capabilities, it seems. And yet you accuse me
of underestimating you?]<<<<<
-- D J H Coppinger <01:11:45/04-26-59>
Strategic Intelligence Gathering Agency

>>>>>[TO: SIGA Matrix Personnel

Very well. Abbadon believes, not totally without cause, that his matrix
security is unbreachable.

I've called in a favour I've been owed ever since we broke Ginelli, and
we have a platoon of Cyberspace Special Forces attached to us to seek
out and locate Abbadon. Hence, my exchanges: they need material with
which to work.

I do not wish to bury any more of my staff, but I _do_ want Abbadon's
location. You may either co-operate with the Chrome Berets, or you may
compete with them, whichever produces the best results: but I want
-- D J H Coppinger <01:15:42/04-26-59>
Strategic Intelligence Gathering Agency
Message no. 22
From: Avenger <Avenger@*******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Abbadon
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 01:57:56 +0100
*****PRIVATE: D J H Coppinger
>>>>>[Not underestimating me you santimonious old fool. Underestimating
in general. Something you have been guilty of from the beginning.
Brevity serves little purpose, why say in three words what can be said
in two dozen. I enjoy the sound of my voice, and I will enjoy the
antics and smell of frying flesh and circuits when your babies come
after me. That is after all what you intend isn't it David? Why else
would /you/ engage me in trading insults and petty conversation.

Please. Do not waste the lives of your underlings in searching for me.
Amusing though it may be, I am sure you have lost sufficient of your
personnel without being responsible for more. You are aware of attempts
to trace me thus far of course? No, oops, better check little
bloodhound, before you trip on your ears in your eagerness to find a

I have not requested your co-operation Mr. Coppinger, I requested proof
of Lynch's death. Strange though this may sound to you, Dellaware is a
bit further away than the Space Needle. Simple fact of mileage.
However, think of it as you will I care not.

Entertaining though this banter is, I have better things to do, and they
do not include you. Maybe I will allow you to attempt to taunt me again
sometime soon. Until then - see you around sucker.]<<<<<
-- Abbadon <01:57:23/04-26-59>


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