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From: "P. Steele" <P.C.Steele@*********.AC.UK>
Subject: Aberdeen
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1993 18:26:02 BST
>>>>>[ Yeah we pretty much guessed that it was MCT Chipper, though thanks
for clarifying. Well what has been happening I heard you wonder (cries of
'not really', echo around the matrix).

Well as you know we left Seattle for England after being hired by Megan to go
and find her father. All we knew was that he has been kidnapped by 3 Fuchi
men shortly before he left for the airport, dear little Megan here managed to
escape, a fact I think that might have something to do with her being Physically
Adept, or at least so Spice says, Megan says it's a load of rubbish. I can't
check cause I can't see the astral. Anyway, anyway, I diverge from the story
at hand.

After some checking around, meeting a few old friends and contacts and meeting
their friends and contacts we got a few leads, as well as getting ourselves
equipped with some gear (had no time to organise a smuggling run for our own
goodies). Two of the Fuchi guys we were looking for had been murdered, a
single shot for each, straight through the head. So IBA (ok, we managed to
get his deck into the country) did his stuff and checked out Fuchi's computers.
Seems like they were expecting him though cause he was busy reading some files
when a Fuchi corp decker pops up from no where and says she'd like to speak
with him. While IBA stands there gawping the decker produces a file and says,
'we know who you are and we know you are intrested in the deaths of two of our
employees. Take this file and contact me at the address given at the end
when you have read it, then we can arrange a meeting'. Then the decker just
vanishes. Oh I tell you watchinh IBA's screen can sometimes be more
entertaining than the sim, it had myself, Punisher and Spice rolling on the
floor with laughter. I'll have to help IBA next time he writes a masking
program, maybe with my nominal knowledge of electronics I could do better :)

Well we met the woman, very nice she was as well. It was a very exclusive
bar in Bristol, down near the riverside unfortunately they didn't serve any
real ale, but a good bottle of red made up for it. So this Fuchi lady starts
giving us the lowdown on ourselves, just to make us feel small, then she
produces a recording of some guy talking to a couple of Fuchi company men
flashing some ID and referencing a computer. Asks us if we know the guy, I
nearly fall over choking, the bugger was Kentucky !!!!

So we tell her what we know, minus one or two more sensitive points and she
offers to help us. Well after a few more days legwork we started to make real
progress, with the identity of the person we were looking for and Fuchi UK's
resources helping us, we discovered that Kentucky had been hiring muscle up
in Glasgow of all places. After a bit of local trouble (we had to bend a few
fingers to get some of the info) the trail led to a small fishing village
a few miles to the north of Edingburgh. Here we honestly thought we had reached
a dead end when we were all sat in a pub (even the Fuchi lass) talking, when
some old guy comes up to and says 'Soo are yoou foriner laads and laassies
gonna wanna go dickie bird spotting wiv the others I toook up. Myseen I canna
understand wha' anywun can see in 'a wee li'l bird. 'Ey Mavis, wha' was the
neme of tha' bird again ?.'

Well we persuaded him that yes, that us foreigners (Scots still think of the
English as foreigners, but then again a Yorkshire man thinks everyone who isn't
'Yorkshire' is foreign as well) were indeed going to try and see the Greater
Spotted Sea Roc (I think), and asked the man kindly if he could possibly tell
us where our foreign friends had gone so that we could meet up with them. So
information in hand and leaving Megan and myself to chat to the old guy, the
others arranged boats. Very nicely hired for us by Fuchi UK.

That night the boats came at last, 2 black stream lined Nightrunners, with a
very impressive autopilot (useful as non of us are particulary skilled at
driving a boat) and a very nice stealth mode. So we cruise up the coast to
Aberdeen and what we think we will be an intresting little confrontation
with our old adversary Kentucky. If only....

3am in the morning we approach an abandoned dockyard of rusting Oil Exploration
platforms. They were remenants from a by gone age when the North Sea used
to be one of the worlds more important oil producing areas. In one we could
see a light and moored beneath was a small fishing boat.

Well I'll continue my story tommorow, right now it's time to get some transport
to the airport and back to Seattle. ]<<<<<
-The Powerhouse (18:25:41/6.9.54)

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