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From: Dave The Shade <IZZYUX2@*******.BITNET>
Subject: A bit of Spice
Date: Thu, 27 May 1993 18:14:00 PDT
>>>>>|Although I don't have the metafluos teflon-coated manners of my
Milhaus, I do welcome you Cerise - how could someone as vivid as you be forgott
On other matters, I want to thank you Raven, for the confirmation of info -
at least we know we're not up against Ares or the UCAS directly - although may-
be one of their assets. For our part, NightShade and I snagged a few Coyotes to
look at their gear. It Was Not any configuration or Brand in wide production.
It Was unserialized paramilitary custom spec gear of a relatively good quality
and new production run. One of the SMGs had a sticker on it that displayed a
Red Dragon and said "InterPlay Toys - As Good As The Real Thing". Does anyone
know anything about InterPlay Toys ??? Betcha thats there supplier. Also I
believe Rojo is stocking for reenforcements. After all Los Coyotes (plus Blood-
Suckers) are still only half the size of The Ancients. I believe Rojo is expect
-ing help. My feeling is - Rojo is stockpiling, probably for Fujitsama, if we
find him we find the warehouse, and vice versa. Which means we're going to have
to go UnderGround.|<<<<<
-- KHANx (******)

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