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Message no. 1
From: Evan Hughes <ehughes@****>
Subject: Abnormal activity
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 95 1:36:45 EST
*****PRIVATE TO: Artemis
>>>>>[Satellite reports abnormal activity around Maxim bases within
strike range to our Malaysian factories. Specifically of aerospace
-- SI Internal Memo: Delta2X to Artemis <01:07:18/11-21-56>

*****PRIVATE TO: Delta2X
>>>>>[Very well this has gone on too long. Give me the files on
-- SI Internal Memo: Artemis to Delta2X <01:09:44/11-21-56>

*****PRIVATE TO: Artemis

Two of the runners involved in Renaissence Project have gotten
themselves into a bit of trouble. Apparently they tried to turn in one
of the shadowdons...

Another team is being briefed.]<<<<<
-- SI Internal Memo: Delta2X to Artemis <01:08:45/11-21-56>

*****PRIVATE TO: Delta2X
+++++Feed of Phone conversation Follows:

++++First ring connect. No video.

"Joseph. I want an immediate explanation of what happened. Omit

"*sigh* We sent two Linked runners to the reception area with
instructions to gather cash before the shipment actually showed up.
Time progressed. They decided to amass more and more. More than was
necessary really, but we didn't want to give them any more info than
they needed.

A couple of weeks ago a runner in the area decided to hold
a party and invited our team. The team contacted Interpol and asked
what the bounty was on the host. They tagged him with some biogel and
beacons and then sent the transponder freqs to the head of Interpol.
Interpol fragged up, and the commander decided to post their names on

We just got a databurst a few minutes ago from one of the pair
asking for the location of the pickup site to be changed."

"I told you to pick the best. Why didn't you?"

"They didn't have enough information. They thought it was just an
ordinary sleeper drop--"

"So they decided to make themselves as noticable as possible, as
better cover?"

"Ah, I don't know ma'am."


"Have you no more to say?"

"No ma'am."

"Good. Ready the other team and have them sent to the Seattle area.
This time tell them to maintain a _low_ profile."

"Consider it done."

"And about the transport?"

"It's ready. SK Germany is expecting you tomorrow night."

"And the others?"

"Within the next few days. We haven't got any dates set yet. But about
SK, I don't think you should go. A phonecall would be good enough, we
don't know how they'll react..."

"Don't worry Randall, I have it under control. Goodnight."

"Good luck with Krupp."

"Thanks, but I was hoping those files you gave me would be enough."

"Much more than enough..."
+++++ Transcript ends.
-- SI Internal Phone Call <01:35:59/11-21-56>
Message no. 2
From: Brian Smith <bes3@****>
Subject: Re: Abnormal activity
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 12:39:44 -0700 (MST)
*****PRIVATE: Artemis
>>>>>[You don't really know me, but this is important. Our sources have
informed us that the corporation you work for has information regarding
the recent theft of a shipment of tritium. Rest assured, we are not from
a corp or from the authorities, but we do have... a personal stake in the
matter. Anything you are willing to share with us would be most
-- Pulp Fiction (12:39:10/11-22-56)

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