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Message no. 1
From: "Jason Carter, Nightstalker" <CARTER@***.EDU>
Subject: A body for William
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1993 10:55:33 -0800
>>>>>[ You can not be serious, Jaez. It is impossible to implant a mind
a body. The human mind is not just some computer that you can configure. It
is a complicated living organism. ]<<<<<
-- Raven the Mage <11:00:29/11-02-54>

>>>>>[ If they have enough of the MagnaTech data it would be possible for
to encode a personality into a body. That's how they made Tommy. Still, the
result would not be William 6174. It would be an entirely new person.
Personally, I don't think it will work. Tommy was unique.

And Jaez, thanks alot for giving the Yak-loving corpers the lab. You really
should not be hiding behind Renraku. They are Trouble. ]<<<<<
-- Nightstalker <11:05:21/11-02-54>
Message no. 2
From: The Wyrm Ouroboros <mehaffhm@******.SAN.UC.EDU>
Subject: Re: A body for William
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1993 06:33:14 -0500
>>>>>[Awww, g'wan, Raven Mage -- think 'bout it. The Wyrm gots Willy's
psyche .from. a bod; why can't they put 'im back .inta. one?? Heck, if
'e got 'im .out., it kinda makes an odd statement anyhow.

Ick. I hate that accent. Comes from living among hillbillies, or so
I've come to understand. Anyhow, Raven (the Mage), if The Wyrm
downloaded a human brain, why can't we figure out how he did it, and how
to reverse the process? After all, we interface with 'some computer's
-- yes, certainly the body of 'homo sapiens' is a complicated living
organism, but that doesn't mean that Pavlov's tests aren't still valid.
It .can. be programmed, it .has. been programmed. Grossly, by heavy-
handed brainwashing techniques, through chemicals and other stimuli;
why not by the finer abilities of electronics and carefully-controlled
computer sequences?

Oh, and Jaez -- I thought the Wizard, of the MilTech crew, was working
on a 'body' of sorts for William 6174. You should probably speak with
him about what's going on.... he should have retrieved William's persona
sequence from Cincinnati by now.]<<<<<
-- K.M. Moe (6:32:34/11-4-54)
Message no. 3
From: The Wyrm Ouroboros <mehaffhm@******.SAN.UC.EDU>
Subject: Re: A body for William
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1993 07:03:20 -0500
>>>>>[And if he hasn't, I just spilled all the drek for Ganz and his
-- KM Moe (7:02:50/11-4-54)

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