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From: peace and love---finian <FMCGAFFEY@******.BITNET>
Subject: about breaking into mpcp read only messages
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1993 23:09:00 EDT
******DEEP SEA RIDER v.12*******
>>>[Has anyone started doing some checking ono the igit who is taking out
some deep seated problems from his childhood on Yoshida? This sounds like
it could be very worrisome in the very near future. Of course I may be
paranoid, but hey sorry I get that way.

Anyway I am sorry about breaking your read only message Nightstalker, but I
can ask the same question of you as my message was also set to a read only
program. I do a lot of checking of all our messages and such because of
things that I have learned and seen. For example with almost any of the
read only messages that have gone from Omega I have checked (I apologize
once I establish that it is in fact from one of us I get out of there and
keep everything I see to myself (in most cases---please note that I did not
mention any names in my read only to Highlander only a reference to a
message only you and he had read).) because it is a simple matter to
disguise one of my messages as read onlies in messages being sent on corp
bandwidth in corp messages and when it is accessed by the corp that it is
read only for ity is something silly like a message about the road runner
or smurfs or something silly and archaic like that and quickly degardes and
eats itself. The message that I wanted sent and read has a simple hunt
command tacked on to go find the node I want the actual message sent to
while still looking like a read only to anyone not authorized or who can't
break my encryption. Anyway the way that I see it is that if I can do
maybe someoone else can and in a tenuous situation like we have here on
Omega I think a little paranoia is not uncalled for, but if you want me to
stop let TDH know about it and if he requests it I'll let it go.

Allah give me strength I'm almost tempted to drink. *geez*

ah well such is our lot. (?)

----Brightlight <23:08:23 / 04:14:54>

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