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From: Nightfox <DJWA@******.UCC.NAU.EDU>
Subject: About Irish
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 22:52:21 -0700
***** Private: Claw, AJ, Roxxy, Slash, Dark Angel, Lister, Spirit, Caine
>>>>>[ Hi, I'm not sure if you all remember me. I'm Irish's ward, Erika,
and I
met most of you at Spirit's halloween party. I figure that you are the best
people to ask for help since he has mentioned you.

The problem is that he has been acting very weird lately, as if he is about to
do something and not come back alive. He has been staring alot at his picture
of his old marine platoon that got captured and tortured to death in Aztlan, he
and a grunt who is at Chicago right now are the only two that made it back

Also, he has remade his will aleast 4 times in the past 3 weeks and has had a
few friends keeping a closer, more protective watch over me. Along with making
sure that one of his old Ares friends will take care of me.

He seems to be planning something dangerous, he has been locating at a lot of
vague diagrams for the Pyramid and also for some strange mall in Pyallup. And
he has been cleaning and checking his equipment costantly.

At night he has been having nightmares and mumbling the name "Hernandez", I
believe he has something big to do with the stuff with the platoon. For the
past week he hasn't even complained about my coffee, which is surprising since
it has been even worse than normal, it actually ate through and styro-foam cup
and I can now scoop it with a fork. Shiv (a friend of ours) told me that he
evwen bought two rounds of drinks for everyone at Lou's Bar & Grill, he never
spends money, let alone on drinks for a bar.

Most importantly though, there are reports of an Ambassador for Aztlan to the
Sioux Nation who was killed today, her name sounds like she might be related to
the guy I talked about above, Hernandez.

If any of you can give me any help, or just find out whats going on, I would be
very thankful and happy.]<<<<<
-- Erika <22:51:39/12-01-55>

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