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From: "Erin B. Parks" <CARTEJB0@******.JUNIATA.EDU>
Subject: About that cat-lady....
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 1993 16:46:14 -0400
>>>>>[Hey, Mirage...I wanna' tankja', fer gettin' ridda' dat hang-over fer
Yer a REAL pal, Elf-man!]<<<<<

>>>>>[Why, your certainly welcome, my muscle-bound friend! I truly `ated to
you suffering, like that, ol' bean! Think nothing of it!]<<<<<

>>>>>[Got one question, dough...what's wid dat cat-lady, Siam? I ain't
her furry tail `round here, inna'....well....uh....inna' LONG time! She been
gone a WHILE! An', she didn't seem ta be real sorry `bout leavin' poor Nex,
da last time, neider! Course, after a day `er two, an' lottsa whiskey, it don't
seem he missed HER dat much, neider! An', I thought they was real good tagedder,
too! Least, dat's what Cat-lady were always sayin', all purrin' an' rubbin' her
skinny body all over him! Sorta' like she were doin' las' night, after Roxey
took off! I dunno', some pretty tail like her'd start rubbin' all over ME like
dat..._I_ don't tink I'd go shovin' her away! Course, I'd be really scared a
BREAKIN' `er! Tiny lil' thing like dat! An', I'd be kinda shy of dose fangs an'
claws she's got---even got dem inner TOES! I guess she'd kinda scare me...I
tink...I dunno'...m'be. Never had da chance ta find out, neider! What's da
deal, guys? She like Nexus, er WHAT? She gonna' try ta do some "hookin' up"
wid him, likes dey used ta do? I tought Nex liked Roxey...but, da way dey was
fightin', las' night...I tink he might jus' wanna' hook up wid Siam, again.
She always was sayin' dey was so good tagedder...I dunno...Whadda' ya tink,

>>>>>[Personally, _I_ think you had better shut your over-active trap, dear
Coty, before you cause or misfortunate, love-lourn, little assassin an undue
multitude of problems! Illy-ah?]<<<<<


>>>>>[He _said_ "SHUT UP", Coty!]<<<<<

>>>>>[OH! Kay!]<<<<<


Those who know & and love Dakota(long-suffering souls that
we are)

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