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From: "Robert R." <rod@********.USMC.MIL>
Subject: About that Decker...
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 10:13:37 EDT
***** Private: Kor
>>>>>[ You might want to foward this out to everyone else.
I might have a hook on a pretty dreck-hot decker and he hasn't
been discovered yet. His name is Riddler, He's pretty good at
doing what deckers do best "getting in with nothing and getting
out with PAY-DATA" I've used his services on more that one
occassion, during our little search for information on TT and
Markanspensah, I'll have to say that I've been more than
satisfied as to how he handled himself... two problems that I
think you might find with his employ though.... 1. Hes only
14... 2. he's my cousin.
Let me know what you guys think?]<<<<<
-- GoD <10:13:37 / 07-10-56>

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