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Message no. 1
From: Brian Angliss <ANGLISS@****.PSU.EDU>
Subject: About that metal man...
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1993 14:14:26 -0400
>>>>>[That is not an Ares design. Ares uses the prefix
"-23/AM.CBR" for all
cybernetic body replacements. And we never used that kind of integrated
circuit that the picture showed. And the largest cyborg we made was the
Dragoon Combat CBR, around 2.5 meters tall, but about twice as wide and no-
where near as sleek. The Gemini and the Column Mark-4 are the best in that
regard(sleek) as they can look exactly like the original body, down to pulse,
hair color, skin tone, skin temperature, texture, and even artificial
gonads. They even wear clothing or armor, though the Mark-4 doesn't but
rarely need the later.

It may be one of Mike and the Mechanic's deadheads, but my I suspect not.
It is a cyborg created by a competitor of Ares.]<<<<<
-- Wizard(14:12:58/10-11-54)
Message no. 2
From: "James L. Bobolia" <James.L.Bobolia@*********.EDU>
Subject: About that metal man
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1993 06:03:35 EDT
>>>>>[Sometimes I wish I could drop a tac. nuke on him sometimes I'd like
give him a years supply of powerpacks. That go-gang was an old rival back in
my less legal era. (But then again am I legal now?)

So MetalMan have fun and trash more of those go-gangs but stay away from the
West End Boys and our allies.]<<<<<
-- Red <03:08:53/10-12-54>

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