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From: jaimie.nicholson@******** (Jaimie Nicholson)
Subject: Your daughter
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 16:32:10 +0730
*****PRIVATE: IMA Pseudonym
>>>>>[ The hit is done, here's my report: unfortunately, your daughter is

+++++Include dethcert.txt

This is how it happened. The following was recorded by a camera I had my...
associate plant before your sammy made his attack.

+++++Begin playback

The view is of a small, squalid room, containing a couch and two smaller
armchairs. One of the chairs is occupied by a sleeping ork male, the couch
contains a young girl. She is twisting and jerking, talking to herself. A
cord is visible, running from a datajack on her left temple to what looks
like a modified simchip deck. A door opens, and a human male, about sixteen
or seventeen, enters.

"Boner!" he yells, "Wake the frag up!"

The ork jerks, rolling off the chair, and falls to the ground. He gets up
slowly, looking around. From size comparison with the human, he looks to be
about sixteen or so.

"And what exactly do you want?" he asks with a slight british accent.

"How long this time?" asks the human, pointing at the girl.

"My goodness, Gully," replies the ork sarcastically, "I know to the
minute," he pauses to think, "I guess she wasn't when I dropped off, two,
three hours ago." The accent is beginning to sound like an affectation, but
it's hard to be sure.

"Better jack her out then," says Gully, "Or do you want me to do it?"

"She's using one of your chips, guv," says the ork, as if that solves the
matter, "I'll hold her down for you though."

The two move towards the couch, but before they can get there, there is the
sound of a shattering window, and a concussion/flare grenade goes off in
the centre of the room.

The camera shakes, the ork goes down to one knee, Gully is flung over the
couch, and the simchip deck is thrown across the room. The girl is driven
back into the embrace of the couch, but otherwise unmoved. The abrupt
departure of the simchip deck pulls the cord from her headware though, and
she begins to come out of her chip induced trance.

Boner staggers to his feet, even as a new man rolls into the camera's
coverage, gaining his feet as he does so. He is a well built Asian, dressed
in black, and carrying a Defiance T-250 shotgun. Boner pulls a Predator
from a shoulder holster, but the newcomer puts two blasts of shot into his
torso at point blank range. The girl on the couch, just beginning to come
back to the real world, screams as she is splattered with blood and worse.
Gully appears from behind the couch, and begins to run for the door. He
gets less than two metres before the Asian fires again, and he is knocked
to the floor. Moving carefully, the attacker approaches the downed young
man. In the background, the girl is moaning in terror and confusion, still
not fully recovered from her chip-trip.

"Please," begs Gully, "I'll get you anything you want... power,

The Asian points the shotgun at Gully's head, and pulls the trigger.

He turns, facing the girl, and loads another four shells into his weapon.
The girl watches him reload, terrified, then a look of comprehension
crosses her face. She gets up, furious now.

"You're that security guy!" she says, "Captain... from Mother's party! You
fragger! How did she get you to come here!"

"I had hoped you would not recognise me," replies the Asian,

He lifts the shotgun, and she has time to gasp in terror before he fires,
flinging her body onto the couch. Blood soaks into the upholstery as the
girl breathes her last.

+++++End playback

I don't know why the frag he did that, but I can guess. You knew him,
probably from before he started to run, and he was scared she would mention
him. Why this was bad enough to trigger what he did, I'm not too sure.
Anyway, by the time I got up there, he was gone. I called a DocWagon team
on my way up, but there was nothing they could do. What now?]<<<<<
-- Squatter <22:22:01/07-29-57>

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