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From: "Lobotomies, UnLtd." <GungaDon@***.COM>
Subject: You're NOT gonna believe this!
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 1995 04:53:13 -0500
>>>>>[ Hey, guys! Checked out that party, over at Shield's and
Jasmine's...and, you are NOT gonna BELIEVE who had the gonies
to show up!

Yep! You guessed it...NEX!!! I DREK you not! THE Nexus was
THERE!!! I COULDN'T fraggin BELIEVE it!!! And La Loup had to
go and take off, right before he showed up!! UHHHH!!! MEN!!!

I'd been there, bout two hours...didn't KNOW no one...but, HEY, I'm
a real party kinda gal, right!?! I'm minglin, and drek like that, just
gettin to know everyone. And, like, a buncha people, up near the
door, all get kinda _quiet_...and, they like, step back a little.

And, there's Nex, just standin in the doorway, takin everything in!
He's got all his weight on his right foot, with his hands shoved in his
pockets, and, he's sorta eyein everyone up, with his head lowered.
Ya know that eerie way he has of doin that-- barely movin a muscle,
and lookin like a big, hungry lion on the prowl.

He looked like he _actually_ took the time to clean up. Had on those
old, scuffed dingos of his, and a pair of his torn-up jeans--skin tight,
of course! *lecherous grin* And, one of his old flannels, with the
sleeves torn off. His hair was clean, and he wore it down, and he'd
even taken the time to shave, and trim up his gotee. All in all, he
looked DAMNED frosty!! Mm--mmm...

'Cept for the look in his eyes. He didn't look quite..."right"...ya know.
Like he wasn't quite all _there_...and, chip-truth, it was a little
_scary_. You could _tell_ he was makin people nervous! Specially
since I don't think anyone but me even KNEW him!

So, all I could think to do was out to him! And, his head
jerks up, and he's all the sudden got this big smile on his face. The
kind that shows his _fangs_...*phwww* THAT made more than a _few_ back up!

He comes across with one of his "Hey, kylie"s, and stands there all
expectant-like. So, I go up to him, and he picks me up, in this
HUGE hug--and gives me a KISS!!!! *SIGH*giggle* Then, he pulls
this fifth of Crested Ten out of his shirt, and whips it across the room,
to somebody over by the bar. And asks who's gonna help him to
unload the truck. Well, ya know what THAT means..._10 cases of
Guiness_, all for the takin!!

After that, it was all pretty much just minglin. Seems, scary a
thought as it is, that Nex and Tarkis hit it off, pretty well...MUCH to
Whisper's chagrin! And, he was a REAL hit, in the hot
THAT'S any surprise!! *smirk* Roxey'd just better watch herself,
cause I _don't_ think she's gonna have _that_ wild-child under her
pretty little cast-iron thumb, for much longer.....

Somebody FINALLY figured out who he was...then everyone wanted
him to sing! After a lot of pressure, he gave in. As shy as he can
be, I'd say it was the alcohol (plus "x") coursin thru his system, that
actually got him up there. But, the music keeps him sharp as

Since he didn't have any back-up, he used the system in the 4x4,
and did a lot of old covers: Scorpions, Kingdom Come, Blue Murder,
Guns N' Roses, B.O.C., Queensryche, that sorta stuff. He even
did BR's hit, "Valley of Kings", and sang "Edge of This Nightmare".
Tell ya this, even without alla the special fx, and the lighting, that is
one _creepy_ song, specially the way he was singin it, the other
night! *shivver*

But, he REALLY got the place _rockin_!! Man, he gave off some
_twisted_ vibes, over there! So INTENSE!! I bet all the _wiz-kids_
got one _hellofa_ show, viewin on the astral!

And, of course, he and Tarkis did the requisite _damage_! *sigh*
Nothin that couldn't be fixed, though...I _think_... And, they got
into a drunken game of some weird variant of probably EVERY
contact sport known to man, with some of the other guys, outside...
in the cold...and the rain..._Brilliant_! *sigh* They all had so much
alcohol in their blood, they probably coulduv shrugged off the Black

Then they came in, Nex ate like a BEHEMOTH, par usual, we partied
some more, counted down, partied a little _more_...and I was stuck,
checkin the dumpsters out back, hopin to find him in one. He didn't
let me down! *sigh* I finally found him, about two blocks away,
beltin out those really _filthy_ lymrics of his, at the top of his fraggin
lungs! Couple of the guys from the party helped me get him out,
and over to his truck. I hid his cred in the glove box -- and LOCKED
it! He probably wasn't too thrilled about havin to jimmy it open with
his spurs! *grin* But, HEY, it'd keep him off the ROAD!

Now, before anyone yells that I shoulda taken him with me, let me
just say...he DIDN'T wanna GO! I believe that's all ANYone who
_knows_ him needs to hear! Am I _right_?

Looks like we're all gonna have to start keepin an eye out for him,
again...I went back over, to check on him. Of course, he was gone.
Sorry guys, I did what I could! You don't like it, YOU can try to
make him do somethin he doesn't WANT TO!! ]<<<<<
-- Wolf Runner ( 04:30:29 / 01-02-56 )

>>>>>[ He COULD be with one of the girls from the party...or
Tarkis and Whisper might know where he can check with
them. ]<<<<<
-- Wolf Runner ( 04:31:18 / 01-02-56 )

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