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From: The Powerhouse <P.C.Steele@*********.AC.UK>
Subject: Your Public Servant :)
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 1994 15:10:48 +0000
>>>>>[ Fellow runners you may be pleased to know that I have eradicated
of what was a minor pain in our collective sides. The group known as the
THUGS who teamed up with the fool Dante have been dealt with, the last two
appear to have got the message and left town. Chicago I believe was their last
known destination. Still I have no wish to follow them there, they have learnt
a lesson and would be fools to return to Seattle.

Here endeth a public service announcement. ]<<<<<
-Punisher (14:50:48/2.15.55)

>>>>>[ Ah so that's what you've been up to recently ? IBA and myself
why you were spending so much time out, we thought you had yourself a woman.
You sure you've not made a mistake in leaving two ? ]<<<<<
-The Powerhouse (14:52:12/15.2.55)

>>>>>[ Ah, he he, many women, all at different times mind you, but none at
moment. The THUGS, a threat, after what I did to the rest of their piddling
organisation I really don't think they've got the guts to come up against me.
Still, thank you for your concern. Any information on the shapeshifter ?
-Punisher (14:54:26/2.15.55)

>>>>>[ None, yet, I get the feeling that Cerise doesn't like me looking
her shoulder every other minute to check that she's allright. I just wish
Fenris would let us know what he knows about it so that we can take positive
action rather than sitting here like lame ducks.

Oh, did you hear that MONICA is back ?]<<<<<
-The Powerhouse (14:56:08/15.2.55)

>>>>>[ I heard, it bodes badly. Much trouble was caused last time she was
realeased, I think we outta get IBA to look into what Automated Infoworks.
-Punisher (14:57:43/2.15.55)

>>>>>[ Hey, I heard that... Ah ya didn't even know I was here, he he. I've
been working on a new masking program, not that it'd take much for me to beat
the two turtles that you's two use, especially seein as nearly designed all the
fraggin software ma self in it.

As to AI, well yeah, I`ve been doin some checkin. I let ma bud at the turing
police know what shadowland suspects, but we won't see any action from them
unless there's a threat to the matrix as a whole. They have, drek all powers
<legal that is> to destory an AI in someones computer system, it has to be
used to comit a crime before they can do anything. They are interested though
and said they'd monitor shadowland to keep track of on going events.

As to goin into AI, well I dunno. Ya remember last time ? That wasn't even
in a system, that was fraggin in the matrix, she toasted ma deck that time.
Remember ? Still it's Trevor who I want to see toast. One good thing is I
do have ma new deck now, hell of a lot better than that old pile o drek, and
I can knock off code that I never thought possible a couple of years ago.

Nah, at the moment I think I'll let the others risk their brains. But hey,
Nightstalker, that doesn't mean you have to ! Just cause MONICA has a grudge
against ya doesn't mean that ya have to be damm fool and take her up on any
challenge. Look at how easy she fragged ya ! At least me and Highlander,
we're stayin outta her way, even if it has bruised his ego, he he <or is that
just cause PH is gettin his end away and you're not ?> ]<<<<<
-I.B.A. (**:**:**/**.**.**)

>>>>>[ Frag you IBA, I bloody sleepin on the sofa. ]<<<<<
-The Powerhouse (15:10:25/15.2.55)

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