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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: "Paul J. Adam" <shadowtk@********>
Subject: Your search...
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 1996 19:32:58 +0100
*****PRIVATE: Anonymous FishNet User, Temporary Account 43292
>>>>>[Account verified. Terse mode. =Y“.2 remaining.
Your request: Search for ("Humanis Policlub" AND "Auburn") AND
Samuelson" OR "John Grant" using standard settings plus content filter
level 2, credibility filter level 2. Standard sort criteria, download
list when done.
+++++searching... 492 references found
+++++downloading reference list
This session 3.2=Y=. 90.0=Y= remaining.]
-- FishNet Public Matrix Search Engine <18:43:32/08-01-57>

*****PRIVATE: Anonymous FishNet User, Temporary Account 43292
>>>>>[Account verified. Terse mode. =Y.0 remaining.
Your request: Retrieve reference.list.item 112
+++++retrieving item 112 from source "RaceNet"
+++++begin retrieved item
>>>>>[And this is an example of what the Humanis ought to be. At least
these guys, out of Auburn, you can just dislike rather than detest. He's
still an idiot, though. Some guy called Samuelson.

+++++begin included speech
"...and I say that violence, that Elf-bashing, that any racially
motivated attack, weakens the cause of Human superiority. We try to show
to the world that we are better than the lesser races, that we are
capable of higher reason and possess greater intellect.

And the metas and their media cronies point to a leering, swearing, thug
in a Humanis T-shirt, a goon with no more wit or restraint than an Ork,
as an example of that 'human superiority'. I say that we must drive the
thugs and the muckers from our midst, and reclaim the name Humanis as a
standard of reason, of superiority, of the triumph of intellect over
Our aim is not to brawl in the streets. Our aim is to seperate the
races, so human and non-human do not have to live together! These
creatures are not the same as us: years of pretending this is so have
led us to the problems we face today! They have different needs, and
different ways of life. We must peacefully divide, giving the metas
their own lands to live their own lives. Violence will only delay the
day when humanity stands in its homeland, proud and pure!"
+++++end included speech]<<<<<
-- Policlub Watcher <08:45:14/04-05-57>

This session 2.1=Y=. 87.9=Y= remaining.]<<<<<
-- FishNet Public Matrix Search Engine <18:49:12/08-01-57>

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