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Message no. 1
From: shadowtk@*********.com (FyreWyrm)
Subject: Youse was askin 'bout.....
Date: Thu Jun 13 12:05:05 2002
*****PRIVATE: Ronin

>>>>>[I's heard on da street dat youse is lookin for some info on doc troll
or suptin. I's got yer post addy from Manny the Hand. He's sayin dat youse
be good people and dat youse might be payin good for da bit oh pay data I's
got. Return me's a line and we's see if we'uns can hook up.]<<<<<
-- Crankcase [11:02:56 06/13/63]
Message no. 2
From: shadowtk@*********.com (Chickenman)
Subject: Youse was askin 'bout.....
Date: Fri Jun 14 21:50:01 2002
*****PRIVATE: Crankcase
>>>>>[Well, you don't know from Adam, but I don't think Manny would try to
screw me over, so what the hell. I got me some G-man money to spread around... how'd you
like to earn some of you taxes back? Give me a vague description of the info you have...
the name, do you have a location, your price range, and so on, and I'll see what I can
-- Ronin <13:48:05/06-13-63>

*****PRIVATE: Lynch
>>>>>[I may have something... but it's a bit dodgy. Some guy cold-contacted
me, said he had heard I was after info on a "troll doc". Which I now understand
is in fact the case, Witenhousen fits that description... the thing is, when I was putting
out feelers three or four days ago, I didn't know that yet. So I didn't ask about any
troll doc. So how'd this guy know that was what I was looking for? I smell a trap... shall
I arrange a meeting to spring it?]<<<<<
-- Ronin <13:50:38/06-13-63>

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