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From: nobody <V121M94M@*****.BITNET>
Subject: you's hurt my feelings...
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 08:22:49 CET
>>>>>>What's all this drek, ain't my bitch's wheels good enough for
you's. You
ladies wouldn't know what to do in a real vehical like my bitch's Bison.
And ain't none of you's even invite her, and she still willing to haul
you's sorry smoothy butts. Must be only us Orks know how to be polite!
Now that's I said that, me's got to get some thing's off'n my mind...
?WHO? out's there talken drek about what's I say to my bitch? Yo, this
BB... BB... BB... BBS be open to anybody smart's enough to use it. You's
can trust me when it's personal me's and my bitch gonna keep it
personal, till the neighbors start's complaining about all the noise
and pounding. You's guy's know's what Blitz be talking about :) And
my bitch she do it goooooooood!
I's sorry, bitch, you's know my boys aren't that bad. They just ain't
romantic like I is. I's got my new arm... and you's weren't there :(
Why didn't you's come to the shop? I needed you's. Didn't my boy's
tell you's?<<<<<<

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