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Message no. 1
From: Frank Pelletier <jeanpell@****.IVIC.QC.CA>
Subject: You sorry son of a...
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 21:44:40 +0000
*****Private: J. von Slevstein
>>>>>[ Oh..that's just muthafraggin' great...

First, I get shot at in concentration camps...Then, fraggin' churches. I
followed Schimdt's instructions, and found nothing... Nothing,
muthafragga...This smells more and more like a setup. If I get caught in
your little games, I'm coming for all your asses...

I want more info... Where are their whereabouts now? Do they know they
got a wetworker on their tail? Damn, you sent me blind to Germany... This
is gettin' irritating to no end.

I expect info from you soon...very fraggin' soon...If not, I'm outta
-- Haze <08:12:46/11-13-58>
Message no. 2
From: Mike Goldberg <michael.goldberg@*******.COM>
Subject: Re: You sorry son of a...
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 20:26:20 MST
***** Internal: Voice Log

WS: W. Schmidt
JvS: J. von Slevstein

JvS: What the hell did you tell them?

WS: I told you already. I told them I wanted the Wanderer and
DragonEyes dead for certain terrorists acts.

JvS: Did you describe the acts to them?

WS: No.

JvS: Did you warn them you didn't think it was going to be easy?

WS: You saw the offer messages! Does those rates scream this is
going to be an easy job?!? Besides, isn't the fame of being the one
that killed the Wanderer worth a lot more hassles than that?

JvS: True enough, but why did you send Harley to that area?

WS: I thought they had an inside track to what was going on, and
that area was the next logical choice.

JvS: Well, they didn't follow through, but thanks to Herr
Ravenwood's pet decker, Herr Eriksen did. I'm sure you know the
implications of that.

WS: I made a mistake, and was removed from the job because of that.

JvS: You made two mistakes and if you had made one more, you would
have been removed from the job by being killed. One, you didn't look
to see how qualified or professional your meat was. Two, you should
have not drawn ANY attention to that area. If it wasn't so important
to find out who sent those runners at the first incident, I would
tell Harley to go frag herself, and I wouldn't even be so polite for
Haze. Now if you excuse me, I have to go pucker up to Haze's ass.
-- J. von Slevstein <03:10:06/11-12-58>

***** Private: Haze
>>>>>[ Despite the fact that I sympathize with your predicament, if
it was easy, the bounty wouldn't be nearly so high, now would it?

I assure you though, if you get caught in W. Schmidt's "little game,"
you will have to stand in line, because I will personally remove the
fragger's head from his puny shoulders.

By the way, if I knew where the Wanderer's and DragonEyes' current
whereabouts are, don't you think I would have already told you? I do
want them dead after all, and withholding information doesn't really
help that, now does it?

Schmidt, amazingly, was somewhat right: If they are in the area,
they are doing thorough investigations of concentration camps. We
suspect it has something to do with the "background count" of those
particular places, but we don't really know for sure. It doesn't
really matter, in truth. We do not think they are moving too fast,
so no doubt, they aren't right next to where the first camp was.

And from what I recall from shadowland, neither the Wanderer nor
DragonEyes tolerates being prey. I would bet that before Herr
Schmidt hired you, they were playing it like someone was on their
trail. Wouldn't you, if you were in their shoes and you just
committed serious national crimes?

Let's face it, if you only bag the Wanderer, your reputation is made.
Bag them both, and I doubt you will ever hunger for work again. Then
again, almost any bounty hunter has to be thinking that, which would
make me paranoid if I was in their shoes. (I'll count my blessings,
thank you.) There is more than just money at stake for you in this
if you are The Man.

But undoubtedly, you already know all this, and were just blowing off
steam, Herr Haze. Trust me, I can understand your frustration.
-- J. von Slevstein <03:20:24/11-13-58>
Message no. 3
From: Frank Pelletier <jeanpell@****.IVIC.QC.CA>
Subject: Re: You sorry son of a...
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 23:45:10 +0000
*****Private: J. von Slevstein

You're right... but I've been around the block a few times, and this is
the first time someone was so good at hiding themselves... Whatever, I'll
catch up with them soon enough.

Oh, and I didn't like that remark on other bounty hunters very much. I
warn you, I don't like competition. If another hunter or, God forbids,
one you hired gets in my way... ]<<<<<
-- Haze <09:10:55/12-11-58>
Message no. 4
From: Mike Goldberg <michael.goldberg@*******.COM>
Subject: Re[2]: You sorry son of a...
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 23:59:33 MST
***** Private: Haze
>>>>>[ Of this I'm certain: My employer isn't the only one that
wishes them very dead. In addition, there were already several
bounties on, at least, the Wanderer that enterprising bounty hunters
can collect on. Surely such a hinting of potential wealth and fame
would attract a fair share of treasure seekers at all times, not just
from the latest escapades of what the Wanderer has done now to earn
my personal wrath and that of my employer? Based on that reasoning
in itself, I cannot, in good faith, guarantee that you will be alone
in your endeavors. I think there are a lot of people wish him only
the best and seek to reap the benefits -- just like you. Again, Herr
Schmidt, despite all his incompetencies, was offering a very
lucrative payoff because he was at least, on some level, cognizant of
the all the realities at hand. I am sure that friendly, or not so
friendly, competition was not overlooked by Herr Schmidt despite his

How you deal with competition is truly your own decision. I'm paying
for 'the Wanderer' and this 'DragonEyes' to be killed. I'm not
paying for a bloodbath of innocents for a slight chance at rousing
out the prey. However, other bounty hunters surely don't constitute
being innocent, now does it?

Herr W. Schmidt has personally requested and agreed that you are to
do the job. However, in truth, it is a bounty hunt and I suspect my
employer doesn't care who does the deed as long as it gets done. If
you can do it per the agreement you had with W. Schmidt, then I would
be delighted to be forth coming on what Herr Schmidt owes you. If
someone else does it, I will at least make sure you are reimbursed
for your troubles. ]<<<<<
-- J. von Slevstein <06:03:45/11-13-58>

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