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From: nobody <V121M94M@*****.BITNET>
Subject: you's talk drek...
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 09:02:03 CET
>>>>>Nexus, you's talking drek about's my bitch? Back on the 28th you's
some things which weren't that nice. I don't take bad mouthing my bitch
causually... in fact I's take it fraggin personal. The only thing
that's stops me from stomping on you's head is that I wouldn't take that
thrill from my bitch Bad Ass. She'd never forgive me if I'd got in her
way of stomping on some drek head. I's got some advice for you's Nexus,
stay's out of my part of town and if you's knows what's good for you's
you'd make a real apology to BAD Ass. Remember, my bitch, she earned
her name... way before I meet her.<<<<<<

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