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From: jaimie.nicholson@******** (Jaimie Nicholson)
Subject: Re: You voted? and Re: Decker
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 13:39:09 +1200 (NZST)
>>>>>[ Well, mr Jackson, it is indeed fortuitous that I have not angered
any of
these powerful groups. Those that I have angered are somewhat weaker than
that which you postulate, but they're powerful enough. As Lynch suggested,
I try not be _that_ much of an irritant.

And no, Cybil, there's not much cash around. That's why I tend to take
payment in favours or goods, and cash when the payer has time to gather it.
But I'd rather work for free then take 'sticks.]<<<<<
-- Squatter <19:03:37/08-24-57>

*****PRIVATE: Easy
>>>>>[ I'm on it. The time frame on the shotgun isn't too important, Lynch
lending me one for the raid, which I never even got to use, so all is
frosty for now.]<<<<<
-- Squatter <19:10:56/08-24-57>

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