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Message no. 1
From: Freddy Frypp <JAMES-CUENO@*********.EDU>
Subject: You want WHAT?!
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 1994 12:26:40 CST
***** Private: Chris Tarleton
>>>>>[This sucks. The media is completely ignoring our fireworks
yesterday. Some bulldrek about a fire near the Presidio is it. This
bites. And the screwier part is that even "I on the Marines"
pirate trid hasn't picked up on it. This sucks.

Um, what do you need with ten BILLION nuyen? No, never mind, I
probably don't want to know. Ten million I could get you with no
sweat... maybe even a hundred million... but ten billion bucks?
That's waaayyy outta my league.]<<<<<
-- Freddy Frypp (12:26:35 / 11-06-55)
Frypp Security, Inc. (CFSM Uplink #5150)
Message no. 2
From: Gian-Paolo Musumeci <musumeci@***.LIS.UIUC.EDU>
Subject: Re: You want WHAT?!
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 1994 20:08:23 -0600
***** Private to: Freddy Frypp
>>>>>[Here's why I want ten billion nuyen for about two seconds.

+++++ File Upload/Encryption Active: Predictions Of Glory

See, if you switch currencies FAST enough, with an intelligent enough system to
work it...this is, of course, the test version.

Ya know, we could make a lot of money this way.]<<<<<
-- Christopher Tarleton <Dark/Angel>

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