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From: "Jason Carter, Nightstalker" <CARTER@***.EDU>
Subject: Yuck!!!
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1993 14:53:53 -0800
>>>>>[ We need to find out who the gentleman that beheaded that man was.
been busy (very busy) at work this weekend. My contacts (it's amazing how
people talk to you if you look like you belong) tell me that five people, all
affilated with Carlos where brutally (things like beheading, ripped out hearts,
multiple compound fractures) murdered. This assassin Jules has is very good,
but also very sick. Looking over the murder scenes, I have noticed an
exceptionally high back ground count. The assassin is most likely driven by
a strong (I would say all-consuming) rage. Regent is positive that the killer
was a physical adept (there were easy to spot signs of magical damage). That's
easy for you to say, your a spirit (yeah, but you made me). ]<<<<<
-- Princess (and Regent) <14:57:33/11-01-54>

>>>>>[ How were you able to make contacts around here Princess? The
won't give me the time of day. ]<<<<<
-- Cerise <14:58:58/11-01-54>

>>>>>[ With a little help from Regent (I've got this wiz spell called
doppleganger. It lets me turn Princess into any metahuman race I want. I also
have control over sex and ethnic characteristics. Want to be a black man,
Cerise? ]<<<<<
-- Princess (and Regent) <15:02:22/11-01-54>

>>>>>[ I'll pass. ]<<<<<
-- Cerise <15:03:03/11-01-54>

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