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From: Evan Hughes <ehughes@****>
Subject: Yucko.
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 96 18:47:53 EDT
*****PRIVATE TO: Kor
>>>>>[I just got this today. Sorry about the lack of video, but it's all
my descrambler can manage...

"It looks pretty routine 'till about here."

"You're lucky this isn't smell-o-vision, because it's starting to get
pretty gross. Light."

"Okay, here's the first one. Pretty gross, huh? It looks like the slag was
killed by having something sharp shoved up the back of his neck. The gun
is still loaded by the way"

<PAUSE: 5 seconds>

"And here's the rest of the party. It musta been pretty wild, 'cause it
sort of spilled out onto street level. Here we have our first two
party-goers, I'd say they were trying to escape as well, nailed from
inside by someone with a gun. The blast is what put 'em over there."

<PAUSE: 2 seconds>

"This room stinks of mana. Some pretty hefty hermetics went on in here
within the past 24 hours. Ack. Back to the bodies."

"This is where it all went on. As you can see, the room's about ten by
fifteen, unfurnished. Two visible exits: one to street-level and the other
into the building. Decor done by Sickos-R-Us. Four bodies immediately
visible, all wearing the same gang colours. In the middle of the room, we
have a tarp lain out -- the tarp has the most impressive reek, it was
either a focus or something happened on top of it. Found another corpse."

"Ohp! Make this body number six. Yow. A big mother-fragger. Ork, probably
mid twenties. He's face down but no wounds visible. He's in a massive pool
of blood. Probably his own."

"We're going further into the building."

<Sound of door opening> <PAUSE: 3 seconds>

"Hang on a sec. We have life... Gimme a few moments..." <PAUSE: 2 seconds>

"And contact. There's someone alive at the other end of this hall. Next
room. J'sec. Life alright. Human or meta, scared. She had something to do
with the magic. I'm going in physical."

<PAUSE: 4 seconds> <Noises from offmic>

"Request a DocWagon. There's a biff in the next room, she's scared out of
her scull. Probably in shock, by the amount of blood on her, I'd say we
have a witness."

The chick's been taken to some DocWagon ward. I don't know what's
happening with her. This is about two hours old, so maybe you have
something? (My contacts are kind of limited once it gets away from the
morgue or data services...)]<<<<<
-- Cybil <18:51:02/08-04-57>

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