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From: Dean Esam <twist@******.EDU.AU>
Subject: Yucky Bugs
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 1994 15:46:47 +1000
>>>>>[ Well it's done, I, with the aid of Princess started tracking
Lowe's thesis back, after a minor incident, no doubt meant to scare us
off, they cut thier losses and destroyed the thesis themselves, guess
they weren't in any shape to fight us off. Personally I was thankful,
they obviously didn't realise just how much those trials had taken out of

Princess says she knows where you lot are holed up, so as soon as we are
capable of making sure no one follows us, we'll be around to join you, I
hate bugs. ]<<<<<
-- Akaila <22:17:43/10-03-55>

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