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Message no. 1
From: shadowtk@******** (Paul J. Adam)
Subject: Zicahuata
Date: Sat, 04 May 1996 00:16:18 GMT
*****PRIVATE: AlexandriaN
>>>>>[+++++engage Kotobazukai
Tepanohoutec wanted out because he (a) disagreed with Manchu from beginning
to end, yet was still made responsible for it, and (b) lost control of
it: the good Doctor (who Lilith and I have personal and painful prior
experience of) took over control, leaving Pedro holding the baby.
The Colonel's as smart as anyone, and knows that these together spelt
"designated scapegoat" when things went to ratshit.

I don't have a problem with his pragmatism, because I know he means it.
He's a man of some honour, believe it or not. And yes, he's vanishing into
the system for major debriefing. Quite a coup.

Zicahuata... I'll take care of Zicahuata. He'll either be captured or dead
by lunchtime tomorrow.

Many thanks for your help. Please pass my commendations to V-12, he and his
team performed superbly: he may say it was nothing difficult, but accurate
position and depth keeping at periscope depth in a minisub, in a Force
Eight, is impressive as hell as a peacetime exercise let alone on
operations. His people's marksmanship was equally impressive. Would you
object to my offering his team employment directly in future? (or others,
if things don't go well over the next few days)?
+++++disengage Kotobazukai]<<<<<
-- Lynch <00:24:43/05-04-57>
Message no. 2
From: mneideng@**** (Mark L. Neidengard)
Subject: Re: Zicahuata
Date: Sat, 4 May 1996 12:01:41 -0700 (PDT)
*****PRIVATE: Lynch
+++++engage Kotobazukai
The longer you stay in this business, the more you realize that pragmatism is
the dominant factor in these dealings. As far as Zicahuata is concerned,
good hunting and be careful; I don't think his sort of person is very
beneficial to maintaining the peace.

As for V-12, his crew is independent and I claim no right to be their personal
receptionist. =) I might caution you that firepower such as was displayed
at Clipperton is expensive and possibly hard to come by; for some reasonc
certain pieces of equipment become easier to lay hands on when their
manufacturers are directly interested in a mission.

Until next time
+++++disengage Kotobazukai
-- AlexandriaN <12:00:10 / 05-04-57>

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