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Message no. 1
From: William Li <william@***.RICE.EDU>
Subject: 10 AM business
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1993 11:31:39 -0500
>>>>>[Okay, Onyx. I don't like all this cloak and dagger stuff, and I don't
like giving people money for things that may or may not be the best. You fly
on down to our airfield (call my secretary, Diane for directions) and bring
whoever you like to make you happy (Your bodyguard, your lawyer, your
accountant, the later two would be useful, and the first will only make people
nervous, I run an honest business) and I'll met you there tonight
at 2230 hours with my mechanics. They'll look at it, and if everything is
copacetic, we'll pay you 400K per chopper, okay?]<<<<<
-- D. Henry <10:00:00 8-9-54>

>>>>>[Encrypt: ***Diane !@#**
Diane- This is David Henry. Mercer is downstairs right now filling out his form
and picking out his car, when he's done, I'm going to take him to meet the
team. Send me a copy of the teams files and the Opticlash project dossier.
D. Henry out.]<<<<<
-- D. Henry <10:00:05 8-9-54>

>>>>>[ENCRYRPT = **.AlphaCode 4785733.**
David, here are the files you wanted:
file: Personell Profiles Opticlash Developement Team
last compiled: 8-1-54
edited by: Diane
Warning: Tampering or stealing this file is a violation of the corporate
secrets act of 2051, punishible by up to 3 years imprisonment or removal of not
less that one eye.

Tscheshida, Sou
dob: 4/15/24
Acquired: 1-1-54

BS: Mechanical Engineering, Eletrical Engineering, Univeristy of Tokoyo
PhD: Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering. MIT&M
Thesis work: Gyroscopic control at sub-light speed in a reduced fluid space.

Former chief engineer and specs designer for the C model Ares Dragon.
No criminal record.
Black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Taney, Sul
dob: 8/22/05
retained since:8-23-53

BA: Civil Engineering, Rotterdamm University
BA: Archetecture, University of the Sorbonne
PhD: Material Science, University of Bonn

Thesis work: PlasSteel Construction of Festival Structures of the early 21 century

Chief Archetecture for McCrugger and Brent, LTD 40-45
Chief of UCAS infrastructure Emergency Task Force 45-47
Director of Research and Development for US PlasSteel 47-50
Hung out single in 51: major works:
- designed Intercontinetal Airport at Johanesburg, South Africa
- designed Djakarta Mosque and Concert Amphitheatre.
UCAS Congresional Medal of Honor 12-25-2047 (Note: "Hire him anyway" -D. Henry)

Shrinivarsan, Hansei
dob: 4/22/32
employed: 1-1-54

BS: Mathematics, Philosophy, Princeton
PhD: Mathematics, Oxford
Thesis work: The existence of Free Will and Morality as a Metric Space.

No Criminal record.

Dobbs, JD
dob: 4/22/1974
Employeed: 1-1-54

BS: Biochemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Cal Tech
MS: Robotics, Rochestic Insititute of Technology
MD: Johns Hopkins
PhD: Biochemistry, UCLA Medical school
Thesis work: Cyrogenic emersion
frozen: 1998
unfrozen: 2048
Associate Professor OCIS Tech 50-54

20th century Juvenille Record

Last compiled: 6-1-54
edited by: Tachimada Yachamida, Opticlash Design Leader

Standby for Transmission........................#4!23 connection lost]<<<<<
-- Diane <10:00:54 8-9-54>

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