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Message no. 1
From: Bob Ooton <topcat@**.CENCOM.NET>
Subject: 2 mil nuyen? Ummm....
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 17:15:13 -0600
*****Private: Darkfire
>>>>>[Lemmee see here...not under the Johnny's Soy Pizza boxes. Not in
between the sofa cushions. Not in my other suit of armor clothing. Now
where did I put that 2 mil? Chummer, I _just_ got back in town. Cash flow
is null. I'll talk to Genocide about it and see what he can arrange. Worse
comes to worst and just maybe I can find someone to play havok with a few
bank accounts for the time you'll need it, but aside from that I'm frag near
tapped. Will contact Genocide immediately. Later and don't worry
-- TopCat <17:12:10/3-22-56>

*****Private: Genocide
>>>>>[Problems, chummer. Darkfire needs some flashcash for a meet. He
2-3mil and I can barely scrape up 2-3 thou. He'll be hanging in the breeze
if the prob isn't solved pronto. Contact him ASAP with details. If you
can't arrange it, contact me immediately and I may be able to get a chummer
of mine to do some creative banking. He isn't cheap, though, so expect to
pay dearly for his time. Will keep you posted should anything else turn
-- TopCat <17:15:54/3-22-56>
Message no. 2
From: Kjell Sawyer <sawyer@***.NO>
Subject: Re: 2 mil nuyen? Ummm....
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 01:30:32 +0100
***** Private: Topcat
>>>>>[Thanks for telling be about Darkfire's dilemma. Trust him to get
into a situation calling for 2-3 Mill.

Here's what to do: Forget your contact (I appreciate it, but there's a
better solution) and get someone in the Concrete Crew to contact
CyberPrince at >>encrypted<<. This whole deal is ultimately his
responsibility, and he has the resources, so he should be able to pull
that kind of money off.

Hope things are going fine.]<<<<<
-- Genocide <00:33:12/23-MAR-56>

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