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Message no. 1
From: Sascha Pabst <Sascha.Pabst@**********.UNI-OLDENBURG.DE>
Subject: 2nd try
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 1997 02:47:09 +0000
***** PRIVATE: Easy
>>>>>[ A just can't believe dis... A thought after A hit dem on de
fingerz hard a few times, this Kim character would have probz keeping
his security profile. Instead he raized it to heaven and above... aeh,
below, as a matter of fact.

+++++ Begin Download:
Ein_Schuss' POV. He is studying a 3-d blueprint of a house, measuring
distances with a computer pointer. Besides the holo unit a printout of
a street. A sewerage hole is circled in red, and arrows point to
several prominent waypoints on and off the map, labeled with numbers,
probably distances. The view centers on a lump of white material,
plasticine-like. A brass spike and a black radio-box are beside it. The
picture dissolves in static.

Ein_Schuss views a room. There is a fan heater, running on full power.
Its cord runs to a socket directly next to a mirror. By the layout, you
recognize the dwarf must be in the building he was examining before. In
the mirror, you see a closed window, second floor, viewing over a
street. Next to the window, a dwarf in a chemsuit, wearing a full
facemask, waits, a rifle by his side. He holds a walkie-talkie in his
hand. from the radio runs a cable to a black box on the floor, probably
a booster box.

+++++ Pause: 138.3 min

The picture is unchanged, just a bit darker as the sun seems to set
somewhere out there. Nothing seems to have changed, when Ein_Schuss
activates image magnification and focuses on the door of the opposite
building. The door opens, and two people emerge - Koreans, obviously
bodyguards, their hands in their dark suits. They scan the area, then
move slowly forward. While one crosses the street, the other stops
directly under a "no parking" sign and checks both up and down the
street. Ein_Schuss starts chanting, it takes you a while to understand
him - "Komm schon, ist doch alles ruhig, hab' nicht den ganzen Tag
Zeit..." - understand him if you happen to speak German, that is -
"Come on, it's peacefull, I don't have time all day...". It is almost
religious emphasis in his words, until two more people leave the door -
both Korean, but only one of them a bodyguard. The other you recognize
from Ein_Schuss' last clip - probably Kim Chun Pak. "Ja!" whispers
Ein_Schuss. "Come on, your car's right there... just over the
street..." there are English captions translating the dwarf's German.
As Kim starts crossing the street, you suddenly notice the sewerage
hole. And recognize it as the one from the map...

Kim advances across the street, directly toward it. "10... 9..." a
hoarse whisper, barely recognizeable as Ein_Schuss' voice. When Kim is
only a few steps from the hole, his bodyguard grabs his arm, and throws
him to the ground, himself over him. Starts yelling in Korean,
translated by captions: "A bomb! Back!" and the two bodyguards near Kim
Chun Pak start moving their boss back toward the building, shielding
him with their body, while the third runs across the street toward

"Scheisse!" - "Shit!" curses Ein_Schuss, then presses the
"talk" button
on his walkie-talkie. An explosion rocks the street, tearing open the
sewerage hole open and the third bodyguard apart. Ein_schuss grabs and
readies his rifle, while he runs to the door. You notice there's only
one bullet left on the ammo display in Ein_Schuss' cybereye display.
+++++ End Download:

Dey expected me to escape on ground level 'gain, so A made it over the
roofs. One of the mothafuckas had a damn chemsniffer - a portable one.
Or maybe was a spelltossa with a trap-detecting spell, although I
haven't heard of sucha thing.

Damn - I decided ta use an unusual way, and the SOB counters it. Who's
backing him? Doesn't matta - although it now is nearly personal, A will
not be able ta hunt Kim-boy any furtha. Gets too costy, and way too
dangerous. Will be available for job on him, but that'll be expensive.

Good luck. ]<<<<<
-- Ein_Schuss <02:46:48/12-07-58>


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