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Message no. 1
From: shadowtk@*********.com (D. Raven De La Luna)
Subject: ?????
Date: Tue Feb 27 12:15:01 2001
Is this somethink that I can get in on...or has this list gone private?
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Message no. 2
From: "E.S. Brunsell" <ericb@***.WISC.EDU>
Subject: ?????
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1993 08:57:05 CDT
>>>>>[Seeing as how my other job fell through and I'm getting real bored,
there anyone looking for a good decker?

Here's an interesting tidbit from the Matrix --

Ares sent a large military shipment through the barrens in low security vehicles
A gang that I never heard of --The Knights of Chaos-- intercepted it. Instead
of fighting, the gaurds just handed over the merchandise. The leader, who
called himself Sir Razor, told the gaurds to count to "1 googillion" before they
reported the theft. Amazingly, Ares did not report the theft until 4 hours

Kind of fishy, huh?

Well, if you need help, drop me a line.]<<<<<
-- Couch <..:..:.. / ..-..-..>
Message no. 3
From: Can I play with madness <MKNABUSCH@****.ALBION.EDU>
Subject: ?????
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 1994 20:52:01 -0500
>>>>>[Look what I dug up in the old news files.

Dateline July 18, 2055
A small tremor shook Michigan today followed by several aftershocks.
It measured a four on the Riechter scale and cause damage in several areas
of soutwestern and central Michigan.
Michigan Department of Transportation says that it will have all the
roads that were damaged repaired within two months tops. Residents seem
Several corporations reported deaths of employee's after office items,
equipment, and goods tumbled onto them. So far the toll stands at seven
killed thirty nine hospitalized.
Among the deceased was a SINless worker who had been employed at
Ceals Technologies Inc. It is not known at this time why he was employed there
and officials have denied comment.
It is, however, known that this was the infamous Harlequin that
engineered the heist of Mistubishi's prototype limo, bombed a Universal
Brotherhood chapterhouse, and embezzled funds from Renraku. It is speculated
he had dealings with several gangs and Yakuza clans and was Matrix support
for ShadowCompany in addition to his freelance jobs.

*end file* ]<<<<<
-Threadz <20:56:32/09-14-55>

>>>>>[So, some dumb decker got waxed while working for some corp. Happens,
so ka ya know.]<<<<<
-The Unknown <21:01:01/09-14-55>

>>>>>[Well, wasn't that chica She-is-Hard-to-Catch looking for
-Threadz <21:03:45/09-14-55>

>>>>>[Yeah, so? You wanna tell her that the chum she's looking for got
go right ahead. Besides, what business is it of mine. Ain't no profit.
And if your lucky, she's probably some cyber-syko that'll rip you arms off
for telling her.]<<<<<
-The Unknown <21:06:07/09-14-55>

>>>>>[Suppose your right.]<<<<<
-Threadz <21:06:55/09-14-55>


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