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Message no. 1
From: The Powerhouse <P.C.Steele@***.AC.UK>
Subject: Aberdeen Pt 2
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1993 15:25:58 BST
>>>>>[ Well I'm back in Seattle now after safely getting Megan back to
where her father was waiting for her. Yes I know, it's a long story, we're
still piecing together what happened. Btw did someone saw there was a party,
hope I'm not too late for it, oh am I invited ?

Getting back to what happened. We approached the oil rig, engines off just
drifting towards the one of the neolithic structures that dotted the harbour.
Our faces were painted black and our clothes were jet black, we were ready to
rock. As we approached the sound of voices drifted through the night air, it
sounded like an argument, though the word were hard to make out being in a
very strong Scottish accent, what we did make out though was that it was an
argument over money. Then there was a shot and shortly after that a large
splash. "Time to move in", said Punisher. Myself and Punisher scaled the
sides of one of the huge legs that these things rest on, once to the top we
dropped the rope ladders and allowed the others to climb up. Then trouble,
while Spice was still on the ladder a man came out of a door and walked
straight into Punisher. Fortunately Punisher has got more cyber than he knows
what to do with and his reactions were like lightning as he quickly ripped the
throat out of the man to keep the silence. Hiding the body and moving into
position we started to move out, it seemed too easy, there were no guards or
lookouts anywhere. Then Spice said he would make an astral check. After a
few seconds he came back shaking, "The pollution in this area is terrible,
there hasn't been life round here for ages, everything is twisted and distorted,
it's horrible." After he calmed down we got the info, there were 8 men and it
looked like they were getting ready to leave though fortunately they hadn't
as yet noticed their missing man.

As the men and women came out we waited, then Megan said "My father isn't
there". Then Punisher shouted loudly, "STOP where you are, you are surrounded,
lay down your weapons". The silly buggers didn't listen and panicked opening
fire on what ever they could see. The whole thing maybe lasted 5 seconds,
with myself, Punisher and IBA opening fire as soon as they started, Spice did
his stuff with a sleep spell that he's just finished perfecting. Well at the
end there were 2 left alive.

"Time for some interrogation" grinned Punisher. Well we found out that Kentucky
had left two days ago stealing the boat that they had bought from the old man
who had brought them here. They had just got a new boat and been 'negotiating'
with it's owner when we turned up. I guessed the negotiation was the shot and
splash that we'd heard earlier. Well we left them a med kit and were about
to leave when a chopper approaches from the distance, then we hear the sound of
several speed boats coming our way.

The helicoptor opens fire spraying the front of the rig with bullets, then the
first of the speed boats close in. Each one is filled with what looks like
5 men. A desparate battle begins with myself and Punisher keeping the boats
at bay while the rest of the team make it to our boats. Then things really
start to get nasty, the coptor launches two missiles at the rig not far from
myself and Punisher. Slightly stunned and nursing a few shrapnel scars we
climbed back and turned the fire of our SMG's on the coptor. Well something
must have been hit as the coptor retreated firing machine guns till it became
too difficult to hit. Then we hear an explosion, and I see one of the enemy
speed boats in flame, IBA came across the radio saying 1 down 4 to go. Looking
around I could see the best chance of escape was to provide cover for our boats
then swim to the shore which was 1/2 a mile away from this point.

"Fancy going for a swim" I asked Punisher, looking down at the polluted waters
of the North Sea he said "not really". I told him my plan though and he agreed,
the next ten minutes consisted of myself and Punisher running around the rig
trying to provide covering fire for our boats as the remaining four tried to
get closer. Then we heard gun fire behind us and I was hit, while three of the
boats had been trying to catch our boats the fourth had docked and it's men,
climbed off.

"Frag" I think was the word that got used quite alot in the next 30 seconds
as myself and Punisher suprised and injured were slowly pushed back to the far
edge of the rig. Then thank God, there was a loud bang, everyone stopped
firing except Punisher who took the distraction to down 2 of the five who had
boarded. A Viper aircraft had just zoomed over head and in the distance we
could hear the familiar thwap, thwap of an Ares Dragon.

The helicoptor that had been providing cover started to hightail it. Without
their air back up the remaining guys in the boats decided that maybe it wasn't
such a good idea after all to continue pursuing our boats towards the main land.
The remaining three mercs got worried and made a dash for it or would have
done if Punisher didn't fill their backs with lead. "Time to move", said I.
We dove off the platform, some 30 ft drop and hit the cold North Sea with a
smack, ouch, I can still feel the impact now. Swimming through the toxic
waters we made it to the shore where Beth (the Fuchi gal) had an old Land Rover
waiting for us with a driver. Getting out of there fast was as you can imagine
pretty important at this time, I still have no idea how MCT, as we now know,
found out where we were or how the marines go there so quickly after the gun
fight started.

Not wanting to ponder too long on the whys and therefores of the situation we
accepted Beth's lift to a small farmhouse in the Scottish wild lands, kept by
a very kind Bear shaman. The next day, through IBA's sat link Beth contacted
Fuchi to arrange transport for us back to Seattle. Which is where we are now.

So what happened to Beth's father I hear you say ? Well I spoke briefly to
him. It seemed that Kentucky himself had sat link gear and had been keeping
in contact with Seattle for some time. He knew about MCT's attempt on the
company and was instructed to get Gordon back to Seattle which he simply did
by dumping him on a private plane then left. Gordon was suprised however when
we told him that Fuchi helped us as he was under the impression that Kentucky
was being employed by Fuchi. We're still trying to convince him but I think
he's suspicious enough to begin checking when he gets back to Biosys. I told
him that it looks very likely that Julia Kerley is behind the whole thing but
without proof he says he can't do anything.

So where is this party ? ]<<<<<
-The Powerhouse (15:25:15/7.9.54)

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