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Message no. 1
From: Martin Baute <solar@***.UNI-BIELEFELD.DE>
Subject: Anna2
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 1995 14:46:35 MEZ
***** PRIVATE TO: Humanis Hater's Club
>>>>>[The astral security in Anna is tight. Makes sense, if you think about
much they spend on weapons and matrix tech. Still, we don't know how strong
their wizards are. And those bloodsuckers... There's more behind this than just
expanding of Humanis' influence in the area. Something big.]<<<<<
-- N'gase <01-02-56/05:31:57>

***** PRIVATE TO: Humanis Hater's Club
>>>>>[You bet, black friend. I like the idea of having somebody going right
Anna and playing ear on the wall. Any volunteers?]<<<<<
-- Nightwing <01-02-56/05:59:02>

***** PRIVATE TO: Humanis Hater's Club
>>>>>[Housefly, stop playing around with the guards. There's trouble ahead,
better teach them the real thing. Besides, gunfire at night always makes me
a bit jumpy.

If you're looking for me, I gonna check the perimeter. Perhaps some of these
goons from Anna try to play scout, too.]<<<<<
-- N'gase <01-02-56/06:44:21>

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